Man Admits He Threatened 'Karen' And Her Dog Before He Started Filming

Chris Menahan
May. 26, 2020

Democrat activist Christian Cooper admitted Monday on Facebook that he threatened "Karen" and her dog before she called police on him.

Cooper said on Facebook that he told the woman: "If you're going to do what you want, im [sic] going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it."

He then pulled out mystery "treats," which he said he carries "for just such intransigence," and called her dog to himself.

Dogs are like children for a lot of women, if you get between them and their dog it's normal for them to be fearful and react.

For all she knew the hostile man who threatened her was trying to poison her pup with his "treats."

For her trouble, the woman was fired her job by Franklin Templeton Investments and labeled a racist by the international media.

She also had to surrender her dog to the shelter she adopted it from while the "matter is being addressed":

How rich would it be if they just end up putting the dog down because they couldn't find another owner?

Regardless, how is this the top story in the country and international news?

All the media is doing by hyping these "Karen" stories is making white women terrified to call police when they feel threatened by non-white suspects, which can have deadly consequences.

Should "Karen" have had her dog on a leash? Yes.

Should she have called police? Maybe, maybe not.

Does she deserve to have her life destroyed over this and be doxed and inundated with threats on social media? No.

Is the media only focusing on this because it advances their anti-white narrative and drives up racial tensions in advance of the 2020 election? Undoubtedly.

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