Legal Migration Overrunning United States
The New ObserverApr 25
New research which shows that there are 55 million Latinos in the US has highlighted the fact that legal immigration remains the single greatest threat to America's future as a First World nation.

According to the latest "Statistical Portrait of Hispanics in the United States" issued by the Pew Research Center, the Hispanic population has tripled s
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Swedes Revolt Over Refugees Near Schools: Demand 'F**king Answers' From Stockholm City Council
ZeroHedgeApr 25
Having documented the growing tensions in Sweden between an immigration-happy government and a nation beset by refugee-crime sprees, it appears 'the people' have had enough. Stockholm residents are upset over the city council's plans to re-locate hundreds of Muslim migrants right next to a school and during a recent meeting, brawls broke out as Swede... (more)

Obama in Germany: Merkel Is On 'Right Side of History' by Destroying Europe's Borders
BreitbartApr 25

Afghan Couple Getting £5,000 A Month In Benefits Want Free IFV In Austria To Have A Tenth Child (At Age 44)
The Daily MailApr 25

Dutch Columnist Detained in Turkey 'Over Erdogan Tweet'
RTApr 25
The Turkish police have detained a Dutch columnist over a critical tweet she posted about Turkish President Recep Erdogan, her newspaper said. The woman intends to go back to the Netherlands after being released.

Ebru Umar is a Dutch columnist of Turkish origin, who writes for several newspapers, including Metro. On Saturday, the Turkish police detained her at the resort of Kusadasi and seized her laptop, the newspaper reported.

Umar told Metro she was quest
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Bulgarian Man Charged For Detaining Migrants Cheered As A Hero While Appearing In Court
InformationLiberationApr 24
A Bulgarian man many hail as a hero for detaining three Afghan migrants trying to illegally enter his country was cheered by a large crowd while being hauled into court for a hearing related to his ongoing house arrest.

Petar Nizamov was charged for "illegally detaining" three migrants after video he released of the detention went viral and internationalist NGOs pressured the Bulgarian government to punish him.
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Pirate Party's Leader Detained in Germany For Citing Poem About Erdogan
RTApr 24
During a rally supporting comedian Jan Boehmermann, Bruno Kramm, the head of the Berlin branch of Germany's Pirate Party, was arrested for "insulting a representative of a foreign state" by quoting a line from the comic's satirical poem slamming Erdogan.

German police arrested Kramm while he was conducting a “literary analysis” of the German comedian’s satirical poem in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin during a protest held under the slogan “No Power for Erdowahn, Freedo
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Italian Mob 'Declares War' on Migrants as Mayor Says Sicily Capital Feels More Like Istanbul or Beirut Than Europe
The Daily MailApr 24

France: Video Shows Migrant Women Beat 16-Yr-Old Girl 'For Wearing A Dress'
InformationLiberationApr 23
Video out of France shows a group of migrant women beat a 16-yr-old girl they labeled as a "slut" for wearing a dress.

As the victim reportedly did not know the assailants, the attack appears to have been a random act of violence.

Fortunately, a man was able to pull away the most vicious assailant, a woman described as a "real giant," before she was able to murder her victim.
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Report: Brussels Bomber Worked At Airport For 5 Yrs Before Helping Blow It Up
RTApr 22
One of the suicide bombers who blew himself up at the Brussels airport in Zaventem on March 22 had worked on the site for as long as five years, Belgium's VTM television reported.

Najim Laachraoui "worked at Brussels airport until the end of 2012," Flemish-language VTM said, adding that the terrorist had been recruited by a temp agency and knew the site like the back of h
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UK Issues Warning For LGBT Travelers Visiting North Carolina, But A-OK With Muslim Takeover of London
InformationLiberationApr 21
The British Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory warning LGBT people about North Carolina's new "controversial law" which "forces transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding only with the gender on their birth certificate," The Washington Post reports.

"The gender on their birth certificate," as the Post describe
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Switzerland: Muslim MMA Fighter Screams 'Allahu Akbar' And Dedicates Victory to Terrorists
InformationLiberationApr 21
A Muslim MMA fighter in Switzerland celebrated his victory by screaming "Allahu Akbar" repeatedly and allegedly dedicated his win to two terrorists.

"On Saturday, there was an incident at Fight Night, a Mixed Martial Arts event in Montreux," reports Swiss paper 20 Minuten as translated by Diversity Macht Frei.

"At the end of the fourth of nine scheduled fights, the French fighter of Chechen origin M
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Pope Francis Begs Migrants For Forgiveness, Apologizes For 'Closed-Mindedness and Indifference'
InformationLiberationApr 21
This man is out of control.

Via Breitbart:
On behalf of modern society, Pope Francis begged the forgiveness of migrants and refugees Tuesday, asking them to forgive our “closed-mindedness and indifference” and insisting that each migrant has “the face of God.”

“Too often you have not been welcomed,” Francis said. “Forgiv
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Britain First TV Short: "British People Deserve To Be Put First In Their Own Country"
InformationLiberationApr 20
Britain First released a powerful short TV broadcast earlier today online, they say the short was shown on BBC and ITV London and "could have potentially reached around 9 million people."

The group proposes what every other nationalist group the world over advocates: putting their own people first in their own country.
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Report: Authorities Buying More Riot Control Gear Over Fear of Civil Unrest Sweeping America
InfowarsApr 20
Makers of riot control products are seeing increased demand from law enforcement bodies across America who fear Ferguson-style civil unrest hitting other areas of the country, according to a new report.

The report, published by Sandler Research, says that demand for surveillance drones is driving growth, with new
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Univision Promotes Hate Film Where Trump Speech Inspires Americans to Murder Mexican Immigrants
The New ObserverApr 19
Univision host Jorge Ramos has publicly backed a new Mexican movie which portrays white Americans as mass murderers who hunt and shoot Mexicans--and who use Donald Trump's comments on illegal alien criminals as their justification.

The movie--called Desierto ("Desert") portrays a drunk white vigilante killing illegal immigrants with a hunting rifle as they cross the border into America, while Trump's speech serves as a voice-over.

Desierto, which opened in Mexican
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Sweden: Friends and Family of Migrant Rapist Abuse 12 Year Old Victim
BreitbartApr 19

VIDEO: Migrants Close Road in Greece, Tell Greeks What They Can And Can't Do
InformationLiberationApr 18
Shocking video out of Greece shows migrants take over a road, create a makeshift checkpoint, then order Greeks around telling them who can and cannot pass.

The migrants are seen forcing one Greek trucker to produce his ID and then asking him what he's attempting to take through their blockade. When he tells them "fruit," one migrant tells him "Fruit? No, no," and signals him to turn away.

The trucker is then forced to turn back, being made a slave in his own co
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Top Insurer Warns Global Civil Unrest Could Go Viral
InfowarsApr 18
Top insurer Lloyds warns that a "pandemic" of global civil unrest could go viral, threatening international stability.

Lloyds commissioned leading global risk management consultancy the Risk Advisory Group to produce a report analyzing what factors could prompt the spread of civil unrest around the world.

The report found that, "Instances o
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VIDEO: Migrant Tribes Wage War In Streets of Paris
InformationLiberationApr 16
Shocking video shows two warring migrant tribes waging war in the streets of Paris.

"Afghan, Somali, Eritrean and Sudanese migrants" evidently broke into two groups and were seen violently attacking one another with "makeshift weapons" and wooden pallets.

Just imagine if these people had guns.
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Germany Helps Turkish President Prosecute Comedian For Joke At His Expense
RTApr 15
The German government has granted a Turkish request to allow the possible prosecution of a TV comedian who wrote a crude poem about Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Ankara has demanded to have comedian Jan Boehmermann prosecuted for insulting a foreign head of state.

Under a section of Germany's criminal code, the government has to authorize prosecutors to pursue a case against the comedian.
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Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was Star of Documentary About Successful Integration of Immigrants
BreitbartApr 15

Pro-British Group BANNED From PROTESTING Outside UK Mosques After BEING ATTACKED by Muslims
InformationLiberationApr 14
It's official: two prominent members of Britain First have been banned from protesting outside any Mosques in the United Kingdom for the supposed "crime" of inciting Muslims to attack them.

Meanwhile, the Muslim extremists filmed violently jump kicking and attacking native Brits for having the audacity to silently protest outside their Mosque have not been arrested and are free to continue their Islamist takeover of wh
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Local TV News Anchor Exposes Elite CEOs' Plan to Flood City Of Fargo With Migrants
InformationLiberationApr 14
Local TV news anchor Chris Berg exposed how George Soros and other wealthy CEOs are pushing to flood the city of Fargo, North Dakota with migrants, despite the public being overwhelmingly against such a plan.

The so-called "Partnership for a New American Economy" is a pro-open borders group run by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch, and other traitorous elites seeking to overrun America with mass immigration from the third world.
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Putin Calls Obama 'Decent Man' For Confessing Libya Was His 'Greatest Mistake'
RTApr 14
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the US against repeating the mistake it made in Libya in Syria, noting that Barack Obama's confession about Libya being his "greatest mistake" shows the US President is a "decent person."

“Firstly, it confirms once again that the current US president is a decent man - and I say this without irony, because it’s not easy to say such things,” President Putin said during his annual Q&A session.

He recalled that Barack Obam
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'Aggressive Simulated Attack': Pentagon Decries Russian Jets Zooming Over USS Donald Cook
RTApr 14
The aerobatics skills of Russian pilots over the US destroyer Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea left the Pentagon and other US official running for cover in Washington over "aggressive close interactions" with Russian fighter jets.

Releasing the footage of Russian jet flybys in the vicinity of the destroyer, the US Navy said that its vessel has encountered multiple “aggressive flight maneuvers ...within close proximity of the ship,” some as close as 30 feet (10 meters) on Monday and T
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German Solution to Rapefugee Crisis: Ban Display Ads With 'Sexy' Women
InformationLiberationApr 13
The German government has finally come up with a plan to address the rapefugee crisis: ban all display advertisements featuring "sexy" women.

From Breitbart:
Germany’s Social Democratic-left justice minister is using the migrant crisis as a pretext to ban the display of the human form in public, blaming sexua... (more)

French Prime Minister Admits "Islamophobes" Are Not Marginal, But The Majority
Diversity Macht FreiApr 13
In an interview with the leftist French newspaper Libération, French Prime Minister Manual Valls admitted that the people who doubted Islam's compatibility with democracy were not marginal extremists, but in fact the majority. We should never forget that the true "tiny minority of extremists" are the ones who run our government, newspapers, academia. They monopolise the public sphere and ruthlessly repress any voice that seeks to represent majority sentiment. By controlling the public conversati... (more)

Ireland's Bono: 'The American Taxpayer Is Really Hurting' -- But Can Still Help Pay For Europe's Refugee Crisis
BreitbartApr 13

Only 34% of 'Refugees' Can Support Themselves After 15 Years, But 'They'll Pay For Our Pensions'
InformationLiberationApr 12
People in the West "are not breeding enough," therefor we need to import endless immigrants from the Third World "to help pay for our older peoples' pensions," this is the leftist line were attacked with incessantly.

Tell me exactly, when these immigrants can't support themselves after 15 years despite collecting massive amounts of welfare, how are they going to support our aging populations?

From The Daily Caller:
A new report by the Sw... (more)

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