Charles Murray on the Decline of the White Working Class and Why Immigration Must be Halted
InformationLiberationSep 13
Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, had a great interview with Bill Kristol of all people on the decline of the white working class.

Murray says if you visit white working class communities which were doing great 20 or so years ago, today you'll find massive out of wedlock births and heroin/meth epidemics throughout.

By observing the rise in out of wedlock births among whites in these communities, Murray predicted in the earlier 1990's white communities woul
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Pat Buchanan: Last Chance for the 'Deplorables'
Patrick J. BuchananSep 13

Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux on Hillary Clinton's Health Crisis
Stefan MolyneuxSep 12
After Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton collapsed on the 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks - the internet and the mainstream media have been awash with speculation as to her health condition.

Mike Cernovich joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the timeline of Hillary's collapse, the overheated and dehydration excuses, the pneumonia revelation, other health ailment speculation and the stakes of this years Presidential election!
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The Truth About Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals
Stefan MolyneuxSep 09
"Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals" was written by community organizer Saul Alinsky in 1971. It has become the de facto progressive manifesto for effecting political change.

Opening: "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."

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VIDEO: Gary Johnson Is a Complete Idiot
Paul Joseph WatsonSep 07

Paul Joseph Watson explains why Gary Johnson is a total fraud and a complete idiot.

If you know anything thinking of voting for this man, show them this video.

Pat Buchanan: Conquistador Trump
Patrick J. BuchananSep 02

Ann Coulter: How The Media Work
Ann CoulterAug 18

Pat Buchanan: Yes, The System Is Rigged
Patrick J. BuchananAug 12

Coulter: GOP Blames Victim of Media Rape
Ann CoulterAug 11

Pat Buchanan: Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars?
Patrick J. BuchananAug 09

Pat Buchanan: Trump's Road Is Still Open
Patrick J. BuchananAug 05

Ann Coulter: The Wrath of Khan
Ann CoulterAug 04
Former Muslim: Mr. Khizr Khan, Here Is My Copy of The Koran, Would You Like to Borrow It?

Ann Coulter: When Do The Mothers of Isis Speak?
Ann CoulterJul 28

Terror in Germany: The Truth They Hide
Paul Joseph WatsonJul 26

Imagine if right-wing extremist neo-nazi skinheads had spent the last 8 months carrying out the same amount of terror that Islamists are responsible for.

Do you think the media would try to hide the hateful ideology behind it?

The Truth About The Munich Germany Shooting
Stefan MolyneuxJul 24
On July 22nd, 2016, eighteen-year-old German-Iranian dual national Ali David Sonboly murdered three women and six men during the latest German shooting/terrorist attack in Munich.

This attack comes only four days after teenage asylum seeker Muhammad Riyad injured nine people in a Wuerzburg, Germany regional train using both an ax and a knife. Officials have reported that Riyad was "inspired" by ISIS, the Islamic State group, but not "officially" connected to them.

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Mainstream media covers up Munich killerís jihad, tries to link him to Breivik...
Blaming Whitey for the Munich Massacre...

Pat Buchanan: Ted Cruz and The Trump Takeover
Patrick J. BuchananJul 22

Pat Buchanan: Is The Party Over For Bushism?
Patrick J. BuchananJul 20

The Black Lives Matter Movement Is a Mass-Mental Illness
Red Pill PhilosophyJul 18

Red Pill Philosophy on the mental illness driving the Black Lives Matter movement.

Molyneux: The Truth About The Bastille Day Terrorist Attack
Stefan MolyneuxJul 15
As France was celebrating Bastille Day -- a holiday which signifies the storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution of 1789 -- keys were placed into the ignition of a large truck which would soon be turned into a murder weapon.

As people watched fireworks during celebrations in the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France -- a large truck smashed through crowd of men, women and children, killing eighty people and injuring at least a hundred more.

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Why the Philando Castile Shooting is Different
InformationLiberationJul 07
The shooting of Philando Castile appears to be very different than the shooting of Alton Sterling.

While the media doesn't give a damn about the specifics and was happy to portray the convicted child sex predator Alton Sterling as a saint, I do and I'm committed to telling it like it is.

First off, according to his Castile's girlfriend, who is not credible nor trustworthy, the police officer (who was A
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America: The Greatest Country On Earth
Paul Joseph WatsonJul 04

Guess how leftists, millennials and 'Black Lives Matter' morons decided to celebrate the 4th of July?

Stefan Molyneux On Liberal Hypocrites
Stefan MolyneuxJul 01

Stefan Molyneux has even more to say to inconsistent liberals...

Pat Buchanan: Why Trump Is Routing The Free Traders
Patrick J. BuchananJul 01
Economist: 'Free Trade' is a Globalist Scam

Pat Buchanan: After Brexit, a Trump Path to Victory
Patrick J. BuchananJun 28

Pat Buchanan: Trolling For War With Russia
Patrick J. BuchananJun 21

Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux
InfowarsJun 16

Brexit is about sovereignty & immigration. It's not about exploiting tragic murders to rescue your crumbling campaign.
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Molyneux GOES OFF on MEDIA HYPOCRISY Over Orlando Terror Attack!
InformationLiberationJun 12

Why is it when a Trump supporter does something bad, everyone on the right and Trump himself is to blame, but when democrat Muslim goes on a shooting spree, all we hear is "#NotAllMuslims?"

Stefan Molyneux explains.

Ann Coulter: Stunning New Development!!! Media Calls Trump Racist
Ann CoulterJun 08

Molyneux: Dear Liberal Hypocrites #2
Stefan MolyneuxJun 08

Stefan Molyneux has another message for inconsistent liberals...

Donald Trump Is Correct to Hit 'La Raza' Judge For Latino Identity Politics
BreitbartJun 07

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