Mexico, Canada, and Ten American States Look Toward Marijuana Legalization
Mises InstituteNov 05
A ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Ohio failed this week, although as Mark Thornton notes, it was really just a scheme to give a government agency a cronyist monopoly on cannabis sales.

But, as Steven Marlbrough says, "Forget Ohio!" There are ten other states with active legalization movements including Nevada, California, Mass
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There's No Such Thing as a Political Problem Solver
The FreemanNov 05
The yard sign said, "Elect a Problem Solver President." As I drove by, I wondered why I saw no candidate's name.

It turns out the sign was not for any particular candidate but for a "No Labels, Problem Solver" convention held in October in Manchester, New Hampshire. Eight presidential candidates from both parties attended; after all, what political candidate doesn't want t
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For WHO, Red Meat Is a Red Herring
Mises InstituteNov 05
Our booming green-industrial complex built up by administrations of both parties in the US is effectively using the United Nations, its thirty two “sister” institutions — such as the World Bank, UNESCO, and numerous “tribunals” — and hundreds of training and research centers. This huge international bureaucratic buildup is already employing over a million “international civil servants” to administer what our socialist visionaries hope will become the world government of the future.

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D.C.'s "Missing" Memorial
The BeaconNov 04
Washington, D.C. is home to a host of memorials. Walk in any direction for long and you're bound to run into at least one of them. By far, the memorial that generates the strongest reaction from me is the Vietnam memorial. The name of all the U.S. casualties are chiseled on the wall, from the start of the war to end. Someone is always there crying or making a rubbing of their loved-one's name. What resonates with me about the memorial is that it's strikingly cold, but hauntingly personal. It's a... (more)

Bern Gets Burned
Tom WoodsNov 04
Thanks to the fundraising and polling success of Senator Bernie Sanders, socialism has become increasingly fashionable in the United States, particularly among young people. Because people are treating Sanders' old ideas as if they're just the kind of bold and fresh thinking America needs, I've released a free eBook refuting them called Bernie Sanders Is Wrong. Whether it's trade, "inequality," alternative energy, the $15 minimum wage, greater fringe benefits for workers, or why the Scandinavian... (more)

The Punishment Regime
Paul Craig RobertsNov 04
Once upon a time, a dental or medical exam was an opportunity to read a book. No more. The TV blares. It was talking heads discussing whether a football player had been sufficiently punished. The offense was unclear. The question was whether the lashes were sufficient.

It brought to mind that punishment has become a primary feature of American, indeed Western, society. A baker in Colorado was punished because he would not bake a wedding cake for a homosexual marriage. A county or
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Bernie Sanders Loves The Police
Cop BlockNov 03
In a retort that drew dumbfounded looks from supporters, 2016 Democratic-Socialist Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders admitted what many critics of the police state fail to understand: Police are a socialist institution.

When not
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Isn't It Funny
Laurence M. VanceNov 03
Not all comedians are in comedy clubs or on Saturday Night Live. Many of them are ordinary, run-of-the-mill conservatives. And many of them live in my state of Florida.

What makes these comedians even funnier than most others is that it is not what they say that is so funny, it is what they don't say--about marijuana.

In the election in 2014,
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Congratulating Police For Not Killing Us?
C4SS.orgNov 02
Multiple news outlets have circulated a viral Facebook post, dated October 27th, from author Steven Hildreth, Jr. regarding a positive interaction with the Tucson Police Department. Hildreth describes being pulled over for a broken headlight. He informs the officers he has a concealed ca... (more)

How to Stamp Out Cultural Marxism in a Single Generation
Alt-Market.comNov 02

There Is No Pipeline. Schools Are Prisons.
C4SS.orgOct 30
We are told there is a pipeline in the United States that travels from our school system to our criminal justice system. Correct as the data corroborating the pipeline's existence may be, it is a flawed way of conceptualizing the issue. There is no pipeline out of schools and into prisons, because schools and prisons in this country are not conceptually separable.

Every child is mandated to receive an education with the threat of reprisal by the judicial system if they fail to. Ch
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Last Night's GOP Presidential Debate Cracked Me Up
Jacob G. HornbergerOct 30

Legalize Meth
LewRockwell.comOct 29

How to Steal $75,000 From The Poor in One Day's Work
The FreemanOct 28
The new liberality concerning marijuana possession in the United States is long overdue, but let's not exaggerate how much progress we've made. Users might not be ending up in jail as frequently as they did 10 years ago. But cops, judges, and courts still exercise arbitrary power to ruin people's lives, and they continue to do so at astonishing rates, all over the country.

I recently saw this firsthand. I sat in a municipal traffic court from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., awaiting my ow
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Abolish All DUI Laws!
LewRockwell.comOct 28

Fear Of The Walking Dead: The American Police State Takes Aim
The Rutherford InstituteOct 27
“Fear is a primitive impulse, brainless as hunger, and because the aim of horror fiction is the production of the deepest kinds of fears, the genre tends to reinforce some remarkably uncivilized ideas about self-protection. In the current crop of zombie stories, the prevailing value for the beleaguered survivors is a sort of siege mentality, a vigilance so constant and unremitting that it’s in... (more)

Support Your Local Police?
Laurence M. VanceOct 27
"Law and order" conservatives: When they are right, they are so right; but when they are wrong, they are so wrong.

They are right when they decry the militarization of local police. They are right to point out that the DOD 1033 program has transferred over $5 billion worth of military equipment from the Defense Department to local police forces. They are right to oppose more federal laws and mandates relating to local police. They are right to oppose a federal police "czar" like t
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Irwin Schiff Was Right, Sept 29th 2001
InformationLiberationOct 27

I watched this video Peter Schiff just posted of his father probably around 10 years ago. It was great at the time, but watching it again for the second time I find it even better. This man's way of cutting through bullsh*t is unparalleled.

Commissar Avakian's War Against Property Rights
William Norman GriggOct 26
Until April of this year, Christopher Penner was an entrepreneur. Now, despite the fact that he has never committed a crime against persons or property, he is an indentured servant.

For several years, Penner owned an embattled but marginally successful nightclub in Portland, Oregon. Today, according to his attorney, Jonathan Rademacher, Penner has a job managing a bar owned by somebody e
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Presstitutes At Their Work
Paul Craig RobertsOct 26
The Western media has only two tools. One is the outrageous lie. This overused tool no longer works, except on dumbshit Americans.

The pinpoint accuracy of the Russian cruise missiles and air attacks has the Pentagon shaking in its boots. But according to the Western presstitutes the Russian missiles fell out of the sky over Iran and never made it to their ISIS targets.

According to the presstitute reports, the Russia air attacks have only killed civilians and blew
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Remember When U.S. Officials Loved Assad?
Jacob G. HornbergerOct 23
President Obama and his mouthpieces in the mainstream press are outraged that Russian President Vladimir Putin is partnering with Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad in the global war on terrorism. "Doesn't Putin realize that Assad is a dictator?" they exclaim. "Why doesn't Putin instead work with the U.S. to oust Assad from power? they ask.

Putin's position is that Assad is a great partner in the global war on terrorism and, therefore, should not be ousted from power. Putin and Assad sa
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The Complexity of Violent Crime and The Role of State-Sanctioned Killing
Ryan McMakenOct 23

White People Are Good With Cows, Brown University People Are Bad With Free Speech
PopehatOct 23

Trump Vs. Jeb
Justin RaimondoOct 23

Please, Dear Leader -- Ban Firearms by Decree
William Norman GriggOct 22
Dr. Barbara LeSavoy, gun confiscation advocate and Director of Women and Gender Studies at The College at Brockport in New York, may be the authentic embodiment of contemporary totalitarian leftism. She might be LARPing – that is, Live-Action Role-Playing – in the character of a self-lobotomized ideologi... (more)

Thoughts On The American Empire and Its Decline
Michael S. RozeffOct 22
The American Empire is deteriorating. It's been going downhill for decades. The descent is likely to continue, alleviated irregularly by policies that retard the decline or even reverse it for a time.

The general pattern set by declines of previous empires is occurring in this country. There have been at least 215 empires in the last 5,000 years. They have all declined and fallen, as will the American Empire.

The IDEA that there is an American Empire is not widely
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The Assassination Complex
The InterceptOct 22

A Tax I Can Support
Mises InstituteOct 22

Do Blue Lives Matter More?
Larken RoseOct 21
The pattern of blacks being killed by American police gave rise to the "black lives matter" campaign, which gave rise to the "police lives matter" campaign in response. But there is a fundamental difference between the two. The implication in the first campaign is that black lives matter as much as any other lives (which of course is true), whereas many of those repeating the mantra of  "police lives matter" seem to believe that the lives of badge-wearers matter more than the lives of ordinary p... (more)

The Meaning of Canada
The BeaconOct 21
It is not yet clear if the political sea change that has taken place in Canada will also be ideological. Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, the 43-year old neophyte who has never held an executive post, the left-of-center Liberals have unseated Stephen Harper's Conservatives with an overwhelming parliamentary majority that no poll or commentator had predicted. They will have virtually a free hand to govern.

But there are two proble
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