Amber Rose Dons MAGA Hat to Push Crypto Scam, Gets Invited to Speak at RNC

Chris Menahan
Jul. 09, 2024

D-list celebrity Amber Rose put on a MAGA hat last week to push a suspected pump-and-dump crypto scam and was swiftly rewarded for it by being handed a speaking slot at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Rose has been shilling her own sh*tcoin called "Muva" which is already down over 66% in the past week since it was first listed on CoinPaprika.

A review of her Twitter page shows she has been touting the sh*tcoin relentlessly as it has plummeted in value.

Rose has repeatedly used Trump's image to shill her sh*tcoin to clueless conservatives.

Rather than face condemnation and a lawsuit, Rose was rewarded for her degeneracy with a speaking gig at the RNC.

After Trump took over the Republican National Committee, they hired a Jewish bikini model to serve as the organization's spokeswoman.

The RNC platform was also changed to soften opposition to abortion and remove all opposition to gay marriage.

On Friday, Trump disavowed the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 transition plan which sought to "decimate the deep state" and staff the government with conservatives and a "top campaign advisor" told the media that organizations "purporting to be pushing 'Trump policies'" will be the least likely to staff his administration.

Frankly, I don't know whether to condemn Trump for running the GOP into the ground or thank him for it.

The GOP itself is a pump and dump scam and the more you put into it the more you're going to lose.

We fought to get Trump elected in 2016 only for him to kick us to the curb and serve the agenda of Israel First billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

This time around, before even getting elected Trump is openly stating his goal is to give the Israel Lobby total power over our Congress and Democrat Zionist billionaire Bill Ackman is saying his friends are going to be staffing Trump's administration.

If we can't pressure Trump to change course and make real promises to his base before the election, there's zero chance he's going to give us anything after getting elected.

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