Over 500 Israeli Armored Vehicles in Gaza Damaged in War, Israeli Media Reports

Chris Menahan
Jul. 01, 2024

Over 500 Israeli armored vehicles have been either damaged or decommissioned since October in the war on Gaza, according to the Israeli paper Maariv, which like all Israeli media outlets needs to run its reports past IDF censors before publication.

From Middle East Monitor, "Over 500 Israeli armoured vehicles in Gaza damaged since last October: Report":
More than 500 Israeli armoured vehicles have incurred damage in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war last October, the Maariv newspaper has reported, Anadolu Agency reports.

The Hebrew-language Israeli daily said dozens of these military vehicles had been completely decommissioned and removed from service.

The military has established two logistics centres within Gaza, where it has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians in nearly nine months, to repair the vehicles damaged in fighting with Hamas, which conducted a cross-border incursion on 7 October.

The troops responsible for transporting the vehicles are said to be physically and mentally fatigued, the report said, adding: "If they are called upon to occupy southern Lebanon, they will be there, but not in their best condition." Border tensions between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon have increased over the past few weeks, with fears of an all-out war.

The Gaza war is said to have consumed far more weapons than the Israeli army had expected, and its usage remains high.
For Israel to launch an invasion of Lebanon would be insane but they're getting desperate.

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