Report: Biden Admin Sent Israel 'At Least' 15,000 2,000-Pound Bombs

Chris Menahan
Jun. 28, 2024

The Biden administration has sent Israel "at least" 14,000 MK-84 2,000-pound bombs and 1,000 bunker-busters, according to a new report from Reuters.

From Reuters, "Exclusive: US has sent Israel thousands of 2,000-pound bombs since Oct. 7":
The Biden administration has sent to Israel large numbers of munitions, including more than 10,000 highly destructive 2,000-pound bombs and thousands of Hellfire missiles, since the start of the war in Gaza, said two U.S. officials briefed on an updated list of weapons shipments.

Between the war's start last October and recent days, the United States has transferred at least 14,000 of the MK-84 2,000-pound bombs, 6,500 500-pound bombs, 3,000 Hellfire precision-guided air-to-ground missiles, 1,000 bunker-buster bombs, 2,600 air-dropped small-diameter bombs, and other munitions, according to the officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly.

While the officials didn't give a timeline for the shipments, the totals suggest there has been no significant drop-off in U.S. military support for its ally, despite international calls to limit weapons supplies and a recent administration decision to pause a shipment of powerful bombs.
A New York Times investigation in December detailed how tons of these bombs were dropped on displaced civilians in densely populated "safe zones" in Gaza.

As I reported last week, Netanyahu is now trying to blame Israel's failure to achieve any of their main objectives in Gaza on the Biden administration's decision to delay one single shipment of bunker-busters.

No doubt killing a few thousand more kids with US-supplied bunker busters would have secured Israel a total victory!

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