Trump Promises to Staple Green Cards to Diplomas

Chris Menahan
Jun. 20, 2024

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday told a group of tech execs that he wants to dramatically expand immigration by "automatically" giving out green cards to anyone who graduates from any college in America.

"You graduate from a college, I think you should get automatically as part of your diploma a green card to be able to stay in this country, and that includes junior colleges too," Trump told the All-In podcast. "We need brilliant people."

As a reminder, a recent study found that "the average IQ of undergraduate students today is a mere 102 IQ points."

Chris Brunet noted on Twitter that all this will do is incentivize diploma mills.

"Terrible policy - schools respond to incentives, and this will result in tons of fake diploma mills, just like in Canada," Brunet said. "Indians will abuse the system."

"Ever heard of Conestoga, Lambton, Northern, or Canadore College? Nobody has. They're trash, and their diplomas are useless," he continued. "But Conestoga College (@ConestogaC) alone admitted over 30,000 international students last year, a 1579% increase since 2014."

TPUSA's Charlie Kirk was widely mocked for proposing this ConInc garbage five years ago but now Trump is running his campaign on it.

Trump is embracing more "America Last" policies with every passing day.

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