WATCH: College Admins Tell Texas Students They'll Be Arrested for Saying 'From The River to the Sea'

Chris Menahan
May. 20, 2024

Administrators with the University of Texas at San Antonio filmed themselves telling student protesters that under an executive order signed by Governor Greg Abbott they'll be reported to law enforcement for criminal "antisemitic" speech if they chant "From the River to the Sea."

Gov. Abbott, a Republican, signed an Executive Order in March to require "all higher education institutions in Texas" to "review their free speech policies" to "establish appropriate punishments for antisemitic rhetoric."

Abbott said the EO was needed to make campuses a "safe space" for Jewish students.

Fortunately, this video can go straight into CAIR's First Amendment lawsuit filed against Gov. Abbott's blatantly illegal executive order.

AIPAC-owned Republican and Democrats declared war on the First Amendment in the wake of October 7 to shut down speech critical of Jews and Israel.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that a powerful group of influential Jewish billionaires and multimillionaires formed a private WhatsApp group chat after October 7 where they worked in concert with the Israeli government and conspired to push New York City Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University.

Sharing and discussing that fact-based reporting on Texas college campuses would undoubtedly be a criminal offense under Abbott's insane executive order.

You have to wonder if similar happened behind the scenes in states like Texas, South Dakota, Georgia and so on where Governors are similarly trashing the First Amendment by signing executive orders and bills to crackdown on "antisemitic" speech.

Last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew to Israel to dine with top pro-Israel GOP megadonors in Jerusalem and then on Israeli soil signed an oppressive hate speech bill into law to jail Floridians for criticizing Jews and Israel.

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