Ukraine Tells The U.S. It Wants to Be Treated Like Israel

Chris Menahan
Apr. 16, 2024

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants the United States to treat Ukraine like Israel, meaning we will not only fund their government and arm their military but also directly fight their wars.

From Sputnik, "Ukraine Tells United States It Wants to Be Treated Like Israel":
Iran's missile and drone strike against Israeli military facilities this weekend prompted the United States to leap to Israel's defense.

The United States' efforts to help Israel defend against the Iranian missile attack has prompted Ukraine to declare that Tel Aviv is not the only entity in the world eager to receive US assistance and US taxpayers' money.

Commenting on the attempts by the United States and several other countries to intercept the Iranian missiles, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on social media that the entire world witnessed this "allied action," which "demonstrated how truly effective unity in defending against terror can be when it is based on sufficient political will."

[...] According to The Wall Street Journal, Washington's reluctance to satisfy Kiev's every whim has already displeased at least some people in Ukraine, even as Ukrainian officials try to refrain from criticizing the US directly out of fear of antagonizing their main sponsor.

"People are beginning to sour on the US," Volodymyr Dubovyk, associate professor at the Odessa National University, told the newspaper, adding that the United States was "a decisive factor for Ukraine in the first two years of the war, but now of course there's a huge slowdown."

The newspaper does point out, however, that the "special relationship" Israel enjoys with the United States differs drastically from the relationship between the US and Ukraine.
If you want to be treated like Israel, you're going to have to take some of those billions we're giving you and start funneling it back to politicians in America to buy their support.

Of course, it's illegal to do that directly but maybe you can work together with Ihor Kolomoyskyi to set up the American Ukrainian Public Affairs Committee (AUPAC for short) and work out a way to skirt the law like AIPAC.

It came out in February that AIPAC's top donor is Jewish Ukrainian-American OnlyFans owner Leonid Radvinsky, so maybe you could hit him up too and ask him to help you learn the ropes. It's not going to be easy but if you pitch them on your plan to turn Ukraine into "Greater Israel" after the war perhaps the right doors will open!

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