'Prison Reform Activist' Arrested for 'Dismembering Man, Storing Body Parts in Freezer'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 07, 2024

Prison reform activist Sheldon Johnson, who Joe Rogan featured on his podcast last month as a victim of "systemic racism," was arrested on Thursday for dismembering a man and storing his severed head and other body parts in his freezer.

"Last month, Joe Rogan had 'prison reform activist' Sheldon Johnson on to discuss the unfairness of the US justice system," Keith Woods reported. "Johnson was just out after serving a 25 year jail sentence."

"He explained how unfair it was that he was sent to prison for as long as he was, and Joe Rogan agreed that Johnson's story reflects a huge problem of racism in the justice system," he continued. "Today, Johnson was arrested after police found a severed head and limbless torso in his apartment. The victim's neighbours reported hearing 'Please don't. I have a family!' before hearing two gunshots. The police found the victims decapitated head in Johnson's freezer and the limbless torso in a blue bin in his apartment."

"Maybe the problem here isn't systemic racism," Woods commented.

Johnson was charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon, ABC 7 reports.

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