Israeli Immigrant GOP Picked to Run for George Santos' Seat in New York Loses Special Election

Chris Menahan
Feb. 13, 2024

Mazi Melesa Pilip, the registered Democrat, Ethiopian-Israeli Orthodox Jewish immigrant and former Israeli Defense Forces soldier the GOP hand-picked to run for George Santos' seat in New York, lost her special election on Tuesday to Democrat Tom Souzzi.

From NBC News, "Democrat Tom Suozzi wins N.Y. special election to replace George Santos":
Democratic former Rep. Tom Suozzi is heading back to Congress after he won the special election in New York’s 3rd District to replace former GOP Rep. George Santos, NBC News projects.

Suozzi’s victory Tuesday over Republican Mazi Pilip cuts Republicans’ already razor-thin House majority by one seat, making legislating even more difficult moving forward. And it could provide a guide for Democrats competing in similar competitive districts this fall, especially when it comes to navigating their political vulnerability on immigration and border security.

The Democrat may seek to be sworn into Congress as early as Thursday, according to a source with knowledge of his thinking. If not, he may have to wait until the end of the month after the House takes an extended recess for President's Day.
Pilip is a diehard Zionist who said she was running to serve the interests of Israel.

As Richard Silverstein reported:
According to her campaign puffery, though her husband sought to dissuade her [to run], asking "what about the children" -- it was her sisters living in Israel who persuaded her that her that she offered greater value as a pro-Israel advocate in the US than in Israel. They told her:

"We need you the US. We need for hasbara. You'll explain to the American public what we are fighting here and how difficult this battle is. Your role there [in the US] is more important.

Pilip adds:

I understood the power I had as a politician and how I could contribute [to pro-Israel hasbara]. True I didn't don the green [IDF] uniform. However, from that day on I'm in uniform. I'm on a mission.

I'm explaining to the American people that the attack on Israel is an attack on the entire world. THe Palestinian people are the first to suffer from Hamas' leadership. The war Israel is prepared to wage now is not just one that is vital for the country, it is vital as well for the Palestinian people and the entire world.

We see all the demagoguery in Congress -- Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and all the fuss, the lies they spread. Is it any surprise that there is such a rise in anti-Semitism; and that people call for an Intifada and to destroy Israel? Because of politicians like the Squad, the American people simply don't understand the facts. It doesn't know there are 2-million Muslim Arabs [sic] in Israel who live side by side with Jews; and who hold senior positions.

That you call an apartheid state? I studied at the University of Haifa during the era of terror attacks, just as my best friends at school were Muslims.

The average person sees Israel as racist. Those shouting for the destruction of Israel are the future leaders [of the country]. This greatly troubles me and is the reason I'm running. In Congress, there is a small minority who make a lot of noise; and it's important to fight against them. That's my goal. I'm coming there [to Congress] to educate and tell Israel's story. In a time when Congress must pass the Israeli [supplemental] budget–this has immense power.
Pilip railed against Souzzi for saying that "Not many people care about Israel."

She lost her election in a humiliating defeat on Tuesday and Souzzi won.

I guess Americans would rather their American representatives represent America rather than Israel.

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