Republicans Achieve The Impossible: Making Mark Zuckerberg Look Good

Chris Menahan
Jan. 31, 2024

Republican Senators beclowned themselves during a hearing on Wednesday with the heads of Big Tech social media platforms.

Old complaints about Big Tech censorship of right-wing views have been replaced with whining about anti-Israel bias (a.k.a. allowing too much free speech) and accusing tech companies of not censoring enough.

All their whining about censorship of content critical of China falls flat considering they all support censoring content critical of Israel.

The same goes for their accusations about dual loyalty.

This stunt from Josh Hawley's made the most headlines but it only made Zuckerberg look good:

GOP senators also argued that Zuckerberg wants sex trafficking and child abuse material on his website (by the way, isn't this the same Senate hearing room where just last month a Senate staffer filmed himself having gay sex?):

The dishonesty of their attacks only served to make Zuckerberg look like the good guy.

We all know their real criticism of these tech sites is they're not doing enough to censor criticism of Israel.

They couldn't care less about protecting the First Amendment rights of their own constituents -- all they care about is censoring critics of Israel's genocide in Gaza.

We know this because they never did anything to protect our free speech rights when they controlled the House, Senate and presidency and instead have consistently championed censorship and called for more.

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