EU Plans to 'Sabotage' Hungary's Economy if They Block Ukraine Funding [Updated]

Chris Menahan
Jan. 29, 2024

"The EU will sabotage Hungary's economy if Budapest blocks fresh aid to Ukraine at a summit this week, under a confidential plan drawn up by Brussels," FT reported Sunday.

"In a document drawn up by EU officials and seen by the Financial Times, Brussels has outlined a strategy to explicitly target Hungary's economic weaknesses, imperil its currency and drive a collapse in investor confidence in a bid to hurt 'jobs and growth' if Budapest refuses to lift its veto against the aid to Kyiv."

If Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban does not back down from his vow to block €50bn in aid to Ukraine "other EU leaders should publicly vow to permanently shut off all EU funding to Budapest with the intention of spooking the markets, precipitating a run on the country's forint currency and a surge in the cost of its borrowing, Brussels stated in the document," FT reported.

How is this anything other than straightforward financial terrorism?

From CNBC, "Hungary accuses EU of blackmail over Ukraine aid standoff":
"Hungary does not give in to blackmail," János Bóka wrote in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

"The document drafted by Brussels bureaucrats only confirms what the Hungarian Government has been saying for a long time: access to EU funds is used for political blackmailing by Brussels," he added.

We will see whether they give in to these terror threats or not.

The war in Ukraine has been at a standstill for months with both sides killing one another horrifically with drones.

(Note: for every video like the one above there are 50 with drones hunting helpless soldiers down and killing them -- on both sides. Soldiers have apparently just recently started using shotguns with buckshot to shoot them down.)

Ukraine's counter-offensive failed miserably and now they're entirely focused on random terrorist attacks just to waste Russian resources.

The two parties should have made a peace deal months ago but instead the war is being dragged out due to the billions in aid the US and EU keep shipping the Zelensky regime as de facto bribes to draw the war on in perpetuity.


[Header image by Annika Haas (EU2017EE), CC BY 2.0 DEED]

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