Times of Israel Writer Lays Out Why He And Other Israelis "Couldn't Care Less" About Dead Gazans, Want "War Without Mercy"

Chris Menahan
Dec. 01, 2023

Yoni Leviatan, a writer and musician whose articles have been featured in the Times of Israel, Newsweek and the Jewish Daily Forward, laid out in explicit detail why he and other Israelis "couldn't care less" about dead Gazans and want to see Israel wage "all-out war" against Gaza "without mercy."

"Yoni Leviatan is a British-born, American-raised, Israeli-blooded musician, content producer and writer," his profile on the Times of Israel states. "Originally from Coral Springs, Florida, he's been living in Tel Aviv since 2009 where he spends his free time writing about Israel and politics with articles featured in Newsweek, Times of Israel and The Forward."

Leviatan wrote Friday on X:
To those who reply to me with pictures of the damage and destruction in Gaza as if this is supposed to be something that moves me, you should know how much I really, truly in my heart don't care. In fact, this is what the saying "I couldn't care less" was made for.

When I see dead Gazans, I don't see dead Gazans – I see the dead Israelis who came before them.

When I see suffering Gazans, I don't see suffering Gazans – I see the suffering Israelis being kept in dark dungeons underground.

You see, Hamas's attack on October 7 was so successful that it blinded all of us to anything related to Gaza, Gazans or the troubles of either one.

We only see blue and white now.

And we are angrier than ever. Our blood is boiling hotter than ever. We care less about Gaza than ever. We care less about world opinion than ever. We want the @IDF to use more firepower than ever.
But most of all, we want our people back more than ever – and will do whatever it takes. Literally, anything. Nothing's off the table. Mercy is a foreign concept that has no application here. The opposite – we want our army to attack with whatever the opposite of mercy is.

We're more insistent than ever that the war will continue into southern Gaza until it reaches all the way to Qatar where the Mossad has formally been instructed to draw up plans for taking out the cowardly Hamas leaders hiding like little rats.

And every day this war continues, our feelings get stronger. Our anger gets stronger. Our thirst for revenge gets stronger. Our willingness to cause massive damage without the slightest care in the world in our quest to free our people has already gotten so strong – and will continue to get stronger – that Gaza will long for the wars of past which will seem like a trip to Disney in comparison.

But most of all, we're more insistent than ever that Palestinians will never have a state anywhere near our borders. Those dreams died along with our people on October 7.

There is a time for peace and a time for war. I strongly suggest to all the well-meaning diplomats who keep trying to pressure Israel into peace with the Palestinians to save their energies and focus their efforts elsewhere where they have a chance of success.

Because now is a time for war. All-out war. War without mercy.

And I'm one of the moderates.

(Or at least I was.)
Leviatan cited atrocity propaganda he was fed to justify the bloodletting:
This is a good example of what I'm talking about. This guy wants me to feel sorry for 8000 dead Gazans but all I can think about is how lucky they were to die in an instant instead of being tortured for hours on end, instead of being gang-raped for hours on end before having a knife stuck up your vagina carving out your internal organs, instead of being an 8yo girl having your arm cut off and left there to die a long, painful death for hours on end alone until your body just gives out.

You see, we don't care about the numbers because every single one of those people died a far more dignified and far less painful death than the Israelis whose last moments on earth were filled with unimaginable pain, suffering, humiliation and sheer terror without an ounce of the dignity they deserved. They were killed by wild animals, and with animals like Hamas, the only solution is to put them out to pasture.

So don't expect us to feel the least bit bad about it.

Because we don't.

He also said Israel will not only eradicate Hamas but kill anyone "who gets in our way":
Not sure what I love more, all the liberals telling me they agree with me or all the Hamas supporters losing their minds when they discover that we're not going to just sit here and play kumbayah when you kill 1,200 of our people and kidnap 240 more.

Btw, in case you think this extends to all Arabs – it most certainly does not. I live in a mixed city with Arabs and Jews. My neighbors are Arabs. I rent my apartment from an Arab plastic surgeon. I know many Arab-Israelis and they hate Hamas as much as any other Israeli.

So keep losing your minds because we're going to keep on eradicating Hamas and anyone else who gets in our way.

And we're not going to feel bad about it.

Shabbat Shalom!

I applaud Leviatan for his honesty.

Like he said, he's actually a moderate.

The carpet bombing of Gaza has already begun again and Leviatan is no doubt cheering the slaughter.

When Netanyahu made thinly-veiled references to destroying "Amalek," this is what he was talking about.

The Israeli military is literally telling their soldiers to go out and kill "families, mothers and children" and slaughter their Arab neighbors.

When American college students protest against this massacre they're labeled "anti-Semitic" and pro-Israel billionaires put them on "no-hire lists" to destroy their lives and keep them from finding jobs.

We know now that Israel had Hamas's war plans for over a year and failed to stop the attack.

Reports further indicate they actually added to the list of Israeli casualties by shooting their own people with tanks and Apache helicopters (and now they're working to destroy the evidence).

This is a war of vengeance and it's being backed entirely by the full force, power and military might of the U.S. government.

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