WATCH: Israel's Iron Dome Interceptor Missiles Malfunction, Strike Tel Aviv

Chris Menahan
Nov. 06, 2023

Viral videos shared by Israelis on social media on Sunday show their Iron Dome missile defense system malfunctioning and striking what appear to be residential areas in Tel Aviv.

Two or three failures appear to have been caught on tape. Where they hit is not yet clear.

In addition to Hamas rockets being fired at Tel Aviv, at least five Hezbollah missiles were filmed striking Kiryat Shmoune in northern Israel on Sunday.

Hamas and Hezbollah have reportedly been draining the Iron Dome's interceptors using their cheapest rockets.

The U.S. said two weeks ago they're planning to send Israel America's only two Iron Dome systems.

The US only has two Iron Dome defense systems because we were forced to abandon our $1 billion Iron Dome project in 2020 due to Israel refusing to share the system's source code.

Israel, which is touted as "our greatest ally," refused to share the code despite America providing them with over $142 billion in aid and funding Iron Dome developer Rafael Advanced Defense directly with over $1.5 billion in handouts since 2011.

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