Netanyahu: 'We Are The People of The Light, They Are The People of Darkness'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 25, 2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Jews are "the people of the light" and Palestinians are "the people of darkness" and promised to fulfill "the prophecy of Isaiah" through his war on Gaza.

"We are the people of the light, they are the people of darkness and light shall triumph over darkness," Netanyahu said.

"We all will have to provide answers to what happened on Oct. 7, myself included -- but only after the war," he continued. "It is now a time to come together for one purpose, to storm ahead and achieve victory with joint forces in a profound belief in our justice, a profound belief in the eternity of the Jewish people, we shall realize the prophecy of Isaiah. There will no longer be stealing at your borders and your gates will be of glory. Together we will fight, together we will win."

Netanyahu said in the same speech that "all Hamas activists must die," including those "outside of Gaza."

"All Hamas activists must die, above the ground, beneath the ground, inside Gaza, and outside of Gaza," he said. "We are rallying the support of world leaders to support our campaign."

Is that a threat to pro-Palestine activists worldwide?

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