Days After Saying 'Every Jewish Person is a Zionist,' ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Says Anti-Zionist Jews are a 'Hate Group'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 19, 2023

Just three days after Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt went on MSNBC to declare that "anti-Zionism is genocide" because "every Jewish person is a Zionist," Greenblatt put out a new statement labeling the anti-Zionist Jews who protested at the Capitol a "hate group."

"These radical far-left groups don't represent the Jewish community," Greenblatt raged Wednesday night on X after anti-Zionist Jews and pro-Palestine protesters occupied the Capitol in DC. "Far from it. They represent the ugly core of anti-Zionism > antisemitism."

He went on to claim that "these are hate groups" who are "the photo inverse of white supremacists."

Though Greenblatt limits who can respond to his posts to only his followers, "anti-racist activist" Tim Wise of all people -- who now describes himself "an anti-Zionist Jew" -- pushed back against Greenblatt's smears.

"Jonathan, you do realize there's a long history of anti-Zionist Jews going back 120 years, right?" Wise said. "That many of us simply reject all forms of religious/ethnic nationalism on principle? It is intellectually lazy to call that hate unless you have specific info about specific people."

Sorry Wise, Greenblatt gets to decide who is and who is not Jewish and if you don't support Israel ethnically cleansing their blood enemies from Gaza in a bitter ethno-religious feud then you're not Jewish and you are part of a "hate group" in league with white supremacists!

In related news, Greenblatt on Thursday posted a video of himself having a meltdown over the media not reporting positively enough on Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.

"When members of the press report events on the ground in the fog of war ... it can lead to real world hate-fueled violence!" Greenblatt whined. "It's happening right now!"

Greenblatt himself on MSNBC repeated the Hamas "decapitated babies" hoax to justify Israel's atrocities against Palestinian "barbarians."

Though Greenblatt told MSNBC it would be "wrong for me or anyone else to hold all Palestinian people responsible for Hamas" and "it is wrong to hold any people collectively responsible," he gave a speech last week where he held all pro-Palestine protesters collectively responsible for the actions of Hamas by claiming the pro-Palestine protesters in NYC were "accomplices" in Hamas' attacks.

Greenblatt's dehumanization of Palestinians and all those who oppose Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza is entirely aimed at giving Israel cover to carry out "real world violence" and outright genocide against Palestinian civilians.

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