Israeli Journalist Says He Saw No Evidence of 'Hamas Beheaded Babies' During Media Tour of Village

Chris Menahan
Oct. 11, 2023

Israeli journalist Oren Ziv revealed Wednesday on Twitter that his team did not see "any evidence" of "Hamas beheaded babies" during their media tour of the village where the alleged atrocities took place and the Israeli army spokesperson and commanders "didn't mention any such incidents" at the time.

"I'm getting a lot of question about the reports of 'Hamas beheaded babies' that were published after the media tour in the village," Ziv said in a thread on Twitter/X. "During the tour we didn’t see any evidence of this, and the army spokesperson or commanders also didn’t mention any such incidents."

"During the tour, journalists were allowed to speak to the hundreds of soldiers on site, without the supervision of the army's spokesperson team. I24 reporter said she heard it 'from soldiers,' " he continued. "Soldiers I spoke with in Kfar Aza yesterday didn't mention 'beheaded babies.' The army's spokesperson stated: 'We can not confirm at this point... we are aware of the heinous acts Hamas is capable of.' "

"This doesn't mean that war crimes were not committed," he added. "The scene in Kfar Aza was horrific, with dozens of bodies of Israelis murdered in their homes. Sadly, Israel will now use these false claims to escalate the bombing of Gaza, and to justify its war crimes there."

Ziv said the story is "still unfolding and information is still coming in that needs to be verified" and he will update as soon as he has more.

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