UK: Union Jack Flag Torn Down, Thrown to the Ground for Getting in Way of 'LGBT Pride' Flag Display

Chris Menahan
Jun. 13, 2023

Dejected British workers were filmed tearing down a Union Jack flag and throwing it to the ground for getting in the way of an "LGBT pride" flag display that has been covering London's Regent Street for "Pride Month."

From Summit News, "Video: Workmen Cut Down Union Jack Flag From Creepy Pride Display In London":
Video of workmen in London removing a Union Jack flag from another massive display of 'Pride' flags has gone viral after drawing the ire of many online.

It appears that someone somehow attached the national UK flag to one of the many Pride flags that have been placed on London's Regent Street.

The person who filmed the video is heard telling the workmen "you're taking the wrong f***ing flag down mate," to which one of the workmen replies "you think I don't know that?" and another concurs "we know that."

The huge display of occupation Pride flags has again been erected on Regent street, ironically replacing a display of Union Jacks that were placed in celebration of the coronation of King Charles III.
What a sad display seeing these workers knowing they're doing the wrong thing and doing it anyways.

Such is life under occupation.

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