RFK Jr. Deletes Tweet Praising Roger Waters, Pledges Support for Israel And Joins Pro-Israel March

Chris Menahan
Jun. 05, 2023

Robert F Kennedy Jr pulled his support for Roger Waters and pledged his support for Israel on Sunday, meeting with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to heap praise on the Jewish state and join a pro-Israel march waving an Israeli flag.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote on Twitter:
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach today met with Democratic Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. and discussed Israel, the rise of antisemitism, and Kennedy’s recent tweet where he supported Roger Waters. “It was courageous of Bobby to come and meet me and reassert his lifelong support of Israel and the Jewish people, continuing in the legacy of his great father who was murdered by Palestinian gunman Sirhan Sirhan because of his own support of Israel in 1968.” Rabbi Shmuley and Kennedy discussed the volatile situation in the Middle East and the challenges facing America for more than two hours.

Kennedy explained that his tweet about Waters was in response to someone sharing with him a picture that Waters flashed of Kennedy at one of his concerts, saluting the candidate’s willingness to swim against societal currents. “Bobby told me he had no idea that Waters was a vicious antisemite and when he studied the issue and the facts, he immediately deleted the tweet. I believe Bobby and I thank him for his repudiation of Waters. How tragic it is for Waters to have his legacy as an antisemite now overtake his legacy as an accomplished artist.”

Kennedy said his dedication to Israel’s security is unshakable and unalterable. He also said that he reserves the right to challenge some of its policies, for example, as an environmentalist, with regard to water rights. Rabbi Shmuley agreed that the beauty of Israel, as opposed to all of its neighbors, is that it is an open democracy with a free press and, just like America, welcomes criticism. Kennedy and Boteach discussed the holocaust and the existential and genocidal threats facing the Jewish nation and Kennedy once again affirmed his profound commitment to Israel’s security.

“I told Bobby that his father was one Israel’s greatest friends and we in the Jewish community mourn him till this day. I then asked him to please march with me this Sunday, June 4th, at the annual “Celebrate Israel Parade,” and he immediately agreed. The conversation was riveting. While we disagreed on many issues, he speaks with a refreshing and non-partisan candor. I look forward to jointly marching this Sunday to champion the Middle East’s only democracy and the world’s only Jewish State.”
Boteach went on a tweetstorm highlighting RFK Jr's "clarification":

Despite being a proud supporter of Israel, I can't help but notice RFK Jr. on his own Twitter account didn't make a single post about his meeting with Boteach, his joining a pro-Israel march or his condemnation of Roger Waters over his stance on Israel.

Incidentally, Mark Zuckerberg's Meta restored RFK Jr.'s Instagram account later the same day.

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