Hispanic Allen Mall Mass Shooter Mauricio Garcia Identified As A White Supremacist, Media Reports

Chris Menahan
May. 09, 2023

The media finally found a case of transracialism they can accept.

From The Washington Post:
Why non-White people might advocate white supremacy

Analysis by Philip Bump
National columnist
May 8, 2023 at 2:48 p.m. EDT

Police have identified the man who shot and killed at least eight people at an outlet mall in Allen, Tex., over the weekend as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia.

Garcia was killed at the scene, meaning that efforts to determine the motivation for his actions are slower to emerge. On Sunday, The Washington Post reported that, among other possible motivations, authorities were examining whether Garcia was motivated by white-supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs. Social media posts linked to Garcia reinforce this idea.

For many people, this idea triggered an immediate negative reaction: How could someone with the name “Mauricio Garcia” — a Hispanic name — be a white supremacist? In some quarters, that The Post was offering such a possibility was somehow demonstrative of this newspaper’s purported interest in elevating unsupported racial claims.

[...] Hispanic Americans often find themselves at the blurry edges of Whiteness. How Hispanic Americans are considered by others is often centered on skin color but also context: where and how that consideration is taking place. But self-identification is also complex. Pew Research Center found that Hispanic identity fades over time in the United States, for example.

In writing my book, I also came across a 2008 paper from Tanya Golash-Boza and William Darity that pointed to a useful experiment undertaken in 1989. Hispanic participants in the survey were asked to identify their race: White, Black or something else. At the same time, the person conducting the survey recorded their own observations about the respondents’ skin color.

The result, as seen in this chart from the book, was that even among the darkest-skinned respondents, identification as “White” was more common than identification as “Black.”
Hispanics can identify as white supremacists, men/boys can identify as women/girls and vice versa but Rachel Dolezal can't identify as black?

Can anyone explain to me how that works, exactly?

Though the manifesto from transgender Nashville Christian school shooter mass shooter Audrey Hale is being hidden from the public by police, Mauricio Garcia's alleged OK.RU profile was apparently immediately leaked to the New York Times and (selectively) shared with the public by leftist Bellingcat writer Aric Toler.

Garcia allegedly shared a post praising transgender school shooter Audrey Hale just three weeks ago:

I guess we're supposed to believe he was radicalized by Tim Pool (lol).

Michael Tracey had a different take on Garcia's profile:

Fox News reported Monday that Garcia was kicked out of the US army after just three months in 2008 for what the 2005 edition of Army Regulation 635-200, paragraph 5–17 defined as, "Other designated physical or mental conditions."

"Mauricio Garcia entered the regular Army in June 2008; he was terminated three months later without completing initial entry training," Heather J. Hagan, U.S. Army Public Affairs spokesperson, told Fox News.

"He was not awarded a military occupational specialty. He had no deployments or awards. We do not provide characterization of discharge for any soldier," Hagan said.

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