Andrew Lester's BLM-Supporting, Self-Described Satanist Grandson Throws His Grandfather Under The Bus [UPDATED]

Chris Menahan
Apr. 20, 2023

Andrew Lester's dreadlock-sporting grandson Klint Ludwig went on CNN on Thursday to disgracefully smear his own grandfather as a racist "stock American Christian male" but failed to reveal that he himself is a self-described Satanist who supports Antifa and BLM and wants to abolish police and prisons.

Ludwig deleted his Twitter account on Thursday but not before it was archived.

The account is filled with articles supporting the antifa terrorists who attacked "Cop City" in Atlanta last month and memes cursing "transphobes."

"I am a human male. Hail Satan," Ludwig says in his profile. "Trans rights ... Abolish Prisons. ACAB BLM."

ACAB is short for "All Cops Are Bastards."

Ludwig was "sued in the Kansas City area for defamation by a co-worker who complained that Ludwig posted Antifa, BLM, 'Hail Satan,' and 'All Cops Are Bastards' stickers at work," Chuck Ross reports.

He allegedly wore a shirt to work that said "Hail Satan" and would talk to coworkers about "white privilege."

CNN failed to disclose Ludwig's bias to their audience as did every other controlled media news outlet who jumped on his smears.

The media's smear campaign is blatantly designed to bias the jury against Lester and deny him his right to a fair trial.

[This post was updated with additional information on Klint Ludwig being sued in the past for defamation.]

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