Maryland Democrat's Bill Will Block Anyone Under 25 From Being Charged With Felony Murder Due to 'Frontal Lobes Not Being Fully Developed'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 08, 2023

In the name of "racial justice," Democrats in Maryland are pushing a new bill to prevent anyone under 25 from being charged with felony murder due to their "frontal lobes not being fully developed."


From Fox Baltimore, "Proposed bill would prevent anyone under 25 with being charged with felony murder":
In Maryland, felony murder occurs when someone is killed while a felony crime, like robbery is being committed.

For example, a getaway driver hits and kills a pedestrian while fleeing the scene of a crime, they are guilty of felony murder, under current law.

Democratic Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield is looking to change that with her Youth Accountability and Safety Act, House Bill 1180.

Specifically, Delegate Crutchfield wants that to apply to anyone under the age of 25.

In recent weeks, the issue of age has been a hot topic when it comes to justice reform.

Governor Wes Moore's pick to run the Juvenile Justice Service, Vincent Schiraldi has said no one under the age of 21 should be introduced to the justice system, because the brain is not fully developed.

However, opponents of HB 1180, like Republican Delegate Susan McComas say Democrats are only using mental capacity when it comes to soft on crime policies.

"Proponents of the bill say that the human brain is not fully formed in the frontal lobes until age 25. But yet, we're doing other things in the general assembly, letting children vote earlier and earlier, letting them get hormone inducing drugs to change their sex," said McComas.
"People between the ages of 18 and 25 are more developmentally similar to juveniles than they are to fully mature adults," Schiraldi told NPR in the past. "They just are. And our justice system hasn't figured that out yet."

Though Crutchfield wants to go easy on black "juvenile" adult murderers, she sponsored a hate crime bill last year to expand harsh punishments for whites who commit "hate crimes" against nonwhites and empower nonwhite victims to sue their white oppressors in civil court.

Black murderers need "restorative justice" but whites who commit "microaggressions" must be locked up for life!

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