Rep. Ilhan Omar: "I Wasn't Aware of The Fact That There Are Tropes About Jews and Money"

Chris Menahan
Jan. 30, 2023

Minnesota Rep Ilhan Omar (D) apologized once again for her past criticisms of Israel during a struggle session with CNN's Dana Bash and California Rep Adam Schiff (D) on Sunday.


[Embed starts at 5:02]

Partial transcript:
Bash: So when you apologized for the "All about the Benjamins" comment, you said, "anti-Semitism is real, and I'm grateful for Jewish allies and colleagues who are educating me on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes." What did you learn?

Omar: A lot. I certainly did not, or was not aware, that the word "hypnotized" was a trope. I wasn't aware of the fact that there are tropes about Jews and money. That has been a very enlightening part of this journey. To insinuate that I knowingly said these things when people have read into my comments to make it sound as if I have something against the Jewish community is so wrong. If you remember when I first got elected to Congress, it was when the FBI report came out about the rise of anti-Semitism. As the Rep-elected, the first op-ed I wrote was on that report, which I talked about how it was important for us as a community to coalesce around the Jewish community and fight against anti-Semitism. I voted for every single resolution. No Republican can say that. Condemning anti-Semitism. My work is clear, and the collaboration and work that I do with my Jewish colleagues is very clear…
Notice how Omar's never been asked by the media to condemn her past anti-white comments?

"I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country, and so if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe, Americans safe inside of this country, we should be profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men," Omar said in an interview with Al-Jazeera in 2018.

She's never apologized for any of them and Republican leaders like Kevin McCarthy -- who take great offense to her criticisms of Israel -- never asked her to.

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