Italian Tennis Star Accused of Using Fake Vaccine Certificate to Compete

Chris Menahan
Jan. 10, 2023


From Fox News, "Italian tennis star embroiled in fake vaccine certificate scandal":
Camila Giorgi, an Italian tennis star who has three career singles titles and more than 400 wins on tour, was caught up in a fake vaccine certificate scandal.

Daniela Grillone, a doctor for the Giorgi family, alleged in an interview with Italian media that the tennis star received a fake COVID-19 vaccine certificate and that none of her family members have received the shot either, according to Yahoo Sport.

[...] Grillone was arrested in February 2022 for allegedly providing shots with fake serums, according to She also allegedly provided fake vaccination certificates to high-profile figures in Italy.

"The Giorgi family has been under treatment with me for a long time. Camila Giorgi suffered from the so-called tennis elbow," Grillone told Italy’s Corriere del Veneto. "Shortly before the beginning of summer, she had come asking for the possibility of obtaining false proof of all the mandatory vaccines, as well as the COVID vaccine. I can confirm with absolute certainty that none of the vaccines against the Giorgi family have actually been administered."
I suspect a lot of athletes did the same.

It's a lot easier just to pay off a doctor to say you were vaxxed than to be open about it like Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic is likely going to be banned from competing in the US for a second year due to the Biden regime extending vaccine mandates for foreign visitors.

Pure bloods are truly the most discriminated against people in the world.

[Header image by Christian Mesiano, CC BY-SA 2.0]

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