"You Needn't Be Afraid of Me, I've F--ked White Women Before": Carolyn Bryant Donham Shares Her Side of Emmett Till Encounter in Leaked Memoir

Chris Menahan
Jul. 14, 2022

The memoir of Emmett Till's accuser, "More Than a Wolf Whistle: The Story of Carolyn Bryant Donham," was supposed to be sealed until her death but was just leaked to a liberal reporter and published in full.

Donham's memoir provides further evidence that she never recanted her original testimony against Till as propagandist Timothy Tyson claimed in his New York Times bestseller "The Blood of Emmett Till."

This is the Trayvon Martin hoax all over again.

Black nationalists formed a lynch mob to "hunt" Donham down at a retirement home last week to cheers from the media and Blue Cheka.

The "criminal justice reform" brigade are not interested in hearing her side of the story or showing an elderly woman an ounce of mercy, they're out for her blood and they want to see her hang.

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