Biden Regime Sends Ukraine An Additional $1.7 Billion in Aid - $60 Billion Wasn't Enough

Chris Menahan
Jul. 12, 2022

The Biden regime on Tuesday decided to send the Zelensky regime an additional $1.7 billion on top of the $60 billion we've already given them in military and economic aid.

Biden is going to expand our already massive budget deficit by sending over a fresh $1.7 billion to reduce Ukraine's "acute budget deficit" caused by the Zelensky regime's belligerent actions provoking Russia into war.

From ABC News, "Ukraine gets $1.7B in fresh aid to pay health care workers":
Ukraine is getting an additional $1.7 billion in assistance from the U.S. government and the World Bank to pay the salaries of its beleaguered health care workers and provide other essential services.

The money coming Tuesday from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Treasury Department and the World Bank is meant to alleviate the acute budget deficit caused by Russian President Vladimir Putin's "brutal war of aggression," USAID said in a statement.
The Biden regime cut off pay and benefits to some 40,000 National Guard and 22,000 Reserve soldiers last week for refusing to get vaxxed but no expense can be spared for Ukraine!

Ukraine is nothing more than a corrupt satellite state of our globalist oligarchs. The "aid" the Biden regime is pouring into the Zelensky regime's coffers is bribe money to keep the US's proxy war with Russia going until the last Ukrainian.

The future of the "Liberal World Order" is at stake!

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