Trump White House Attorney Says He, Not Cassidy Hutchinson, Wrote Note She Claimed Was Hers

Chris Menahan
Jun. 29, 2022

Former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson appears to have been caught in yet another whopper of a lie.

From ABC News, "Trump White House attorney disputes Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about handwritten note":
Former Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann is claiming that a handwritten note regarding a potential statement for then-President Donald Trump to release during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was written by him during a meeting at the White House that afternoon, and not by White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

At Tuesday's Jan. 6 committee hearing, Rep. Liz Cheney displayed a handwritten note which Hutchinson testified she wrote after Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows handed her a note card and pen to take his dictation.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Herschmann had previously told the committee that he had penned the note.
If Liz Cheney was doing her due diligence rather than leading a witch-hunt driven purely by hate she could have avoided this whole scheme blowing up in her face.
"The handwritten note that Cassidy Hutchinson testified was written by her was in fact written by Eric Herschmann on January 6, 2021," a spokesperson for Herschmann told ABC News Tuesday evening.

"All sources with direct knowledge and law enforcement have and will confirm that it was written by Mr. Herschmann," the spokesperson said.

At Tuesday's hearing, Hutchinson, testifying about the note, said, "That's a note that I wrote at the direction of the chief of staff on Jan. 6, likely around 3 o'clock."

"And it's written on the chief of staff note card, but that's your handwriting, Ms. Hutchinson?" Rep. Cheney asked.

"That's my handwriting," Hutchinson replied.

Hutchinson, a former top aide to Meadows, said that Meadows handed her the note card and a pen and started dictating a potential statement for Trump to release amid the Capitol riot.

Hutchinson also said that Herschmann had suggested changing the statement and to "put 'without legal authority.'"
The Jan 6 Committee responded by saying in so many words that they don't care.
In response to Herschmann's claim, a spokesperson for the Jan. 6 committee said, "The committee has done its diligence on this and found Ms. Hutchinson's account of this matter credible. While we understand that she and Mr. Herschmann may have differing recollections of who wrote the note, what’s ultimately important is that both White House officials believed that the President should have immediately instructed his supporters to leave the Capitol building."

"The note memorialized this," the committee spokesperson said. "But Mr. Trump did not take that action at the time."
Translation: "We choose to believe what we want to believe. What's ultimately important is that Orange Man = Bad."

Hutchinson's testimony was swiftly undermined within hours on Tuesday after NBC News reported that the Secret Service's lead agent and the presidential driver are both prepared to testify under oath that neither were assaulted and Trump never lunged for a steering wheel as she claimed.

The Jan 6 Committee responded to that bombshell by claiming they found her testimony "to be credible."

This is truly beyond parody.

If Hutchinson's claims are shown to be lies she needs to be brought up on charges for lying under oath.

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