Ted Cruz Says He Voted For $40B Ukraine Military Aid Package to Reduce the Price of Gas

Chris Menahan
May. 23, 2022

The GOP sellouts who voted last week to give an additional $40 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine are being pressured to answer to their constituents for their outrageous actions.

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz sent out a statement Sunday on Twitter claiming he voted for the bill to lower gas prices.

"Putin is trying to seize control of energy," Cruz said in a statement on his website. "If he's successful, it will be felt by Americans filling up their cars with gas or trying to heat their homes in the winter."

"If Putin wins in Ukraine, it will confirm for Xi that he can confidently invade Taiwan, seizing control of the global supply of semiconductors," he continued. "The results would be catastrophic for U.S. supply chains and the price of each and every product Americans purchase."

"The reason we should support our Ukrainian allies is because it protects American national security, it keeps America safer, and it prevents our enemies from getting stronger."

Cruz linked to a speech he gave on Wednesday where he further elaborated on his theories:
What Putin is trying to do is to reassemble the Soviet Union, and beyond the Soviet Union the Russian empire from even earlier. If Putin succeeds in doing so, it would be disastrous for global stability and for American security. The Cold War between America and the Soviet Union was incredibly costly and incredibly dangerous. We don't want to see Russia become the Soviet Union once again. When the Soviet Union was big and strong and mighty with a much bigger military, the lives of Americans and the lives of our allies were in much greater jeopardy. It is overwhelmingly in America's interest to prevent Putin from reassembling the Soviet Union because we do not want our enemies to become stronger and use that strength against us. Number two, Putin is trying to seize control of energy. If he's successful, it will be felt by Americans filling up their cars with gas or trying to heat their homes in the winter. We've already seen what Putin has done with Nord Stream 2 and he's not going to stop there. We don't want to see a world where Putin controls energy.
Nord Stream 2 would have drastically lowered gas prices in Europe. Cruz lobbied against NS2 because Ukrainian lobbyists warned it would prevent them from taking a cut (and adding a premium) on Russia's oil supplies that flow through Ukraine into Europe.

Ukraine's oil industry is dominated by corrupt Israeli-Ukrainian billionaire oligarch Igor Kolomoisky -- the same international criminal who put Zelensky into office and funded the "neo-Nazi" Azov Battalion -- who no doubt thought the idea of not taking a cut of Russia's oil supplies was unacceptable.

Cruz chose to support Kolomoisky and the puppet Zelensky regime over America.

Gas prices in Los Angeles are $7.29 a gallon largely as a result of the US-led proxy war with Russia in Ukraine increasing global instability, not reducing it. While we're all being punished at the pump in the name of "standing up for freedom" and preventing Putin from "reassembling the Soviet Union," India is buying cheap Russian oil at a discount of $30 or more per barrel with the US's begrudging permission.

[Header image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0]

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