Militarized Police Abuse Peaceful Protesters in Ottawa After Trudeau Invokes War Powers Act

Police snipers filmed on rooftops
Chris Menahan

Feb. 18, 2022

Militarized police launched a vicious assault on peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters on Friday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked a War Powers act to suspend Canadians' rights.

Videos shared on social media show police snipers on rooftops looking down as peaceful protesters are being abused, beaten, peppersprayed and arrested en masse.

A parliament session where Trudeau's emergency order could have been challenged was conveniently canceled this morning "on the advice of security officials," WSJ reported.

The regime would rather crush these peaceful protesters with raw state violence than lift their insane vaccine mandates.

These heroic truckers and their supporters have completely destroyed the lie of Canada being a "liberal democracy" with "liberal democratic values."

As soon as the power of the state was threatened, Canada transformed into an authoritarian police state and suspended the rights of their political opposition.

As I reported yesterday, Trudeau's Emergencies Act order exempted Indians, "protected persons" and various immigrant groups and appeared to be written in such a way as to only target whites.

Even if the regime succeeds in crushing this peaceful protest through state violence, the regime has lost all moral authority.

The cost for these protesters was minimal compared to the political damages inflicted on the regime. Just a few more of these protests occurring when they're least expected could bring the regime to its knees.

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