Ibram X Kendi Tweets-N-Deletes Article Inadvertently Debunking 'White Privilege,' Claims Criticizing Him Is A Form Of 'Violence'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 02, 2021

Establishment-approved race hustler Ibram X Kendi (born Henry Rogers) last week tweeted out a report claiming that white students are identifying as people of color to easily get accepted into college (the report claimed they were "lying" about their race).

He deleted the tweet after people pointed out it doesn't advance the myth he pushes of "white privilege," as Andy Ngo noted on Twitter.

The report found that 77% of white students who claimed they were minorities said they were accepted into college. If "white privilege" were real, they would have been putting themselves at a disadvantage by claiming to be non-white.

Kendi's tweet-n-delete ended up blowing up in his face and he responded by claiming that tweets criticizing him are a form of "violence" and an attempt at buck breaking.

"A White man is attacking a Black person with lies (which are violent)," Kendi said. "The Black person resists. The White man keeps attacking until he declares he 'broke' the Black person. That's the context. Seek a book about slavery."

Kendi did further damage control on Monday in a rambling 14-tweet thread by claiming he only deleted the tweet because he "saw disinformation operatives distorting its implications."

"I deleted this tweet when I saw disinformation operatives distorting its implications," Kendi said. "I posted these figures to show how many people may still hold this false belief that White people are disadvantaged. The angry reaction to my post (and deletion) evidenced this even more."

In his thread, Kendi once again refused to address the core issue that white students are actually gaining massive privileges by identifying as black, Hispanic and Native American.

Instead, he dodged the issue and claimed white students are still privileged because they score higher on SAT tests (which are currently being gutted in the name of "anti-racism").

Kendi claimed in his book How to Be an Antiracist that all disparate outcomes in between races are the result of "racism" and "the only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination."

"The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination," Kendi wrote. "The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination."

Though Kendi doesn't think the players in the NBA or the NFL need to be "diversified," he does say whites need to be actively discriminated against in every aspect of life in which they excel.

Kendi was handed $10 million last year from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to form an "antiracism center," had his book shilled by the richest man in the world and placed on the front page of Amazon last summer and gets $20,000 from public schools and colleges for as little as a one-hour virtual speech.

Imagine getting paid millions of dollars to push anti-white hate and claiming you're a victim of "oppression" and live under "white supremacy!"

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