Father of Five Michael Freedy Dies From Medical Malpractice, Media Exploits Death For CV Fear Porn

Chris Menahan
Jul. 31, 2021

The death of Michael Freedy as described by his fiancee is a story of medical malpractice and two separate ER doctors neglecting to treat severe sun poisoning and dehydration with simple $1 IV fluid bags, not a harbinger of death to those who refuse to be guinea pigs for Big Pharma as the media is suggesting.

Here's how The Hill (among many others) are misreporting the case:
Father of five told family "I should have gotten the damn vaccine" before death from COVID-19

BY NATALIE PRIEB - 07/30/21 01:04 PM EDT

Michael Freedy, a Las Vegas father of five, died from the coronavirus Thursday after sending his fiancee a text expressing his regret at not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, FOX5 reported.

Jessica DuPreez, Freedy's fiancee, said that he sent her a text while he was in the hospital that said: "I should have gotten the damn vaccine."

"He is only 39. Our babies now don't have a dad," DuPreez said, sharing her story to encourage others to get the vaccine. "You can't say I am young and it won't affect me because it will."

According to a GoFundMe launched by DuPreez, Freedy first went to the hospital after suffering a severe sunburn while on vacation in San Diego. At the hospital, he was tested for COVID-19 and the results came back positive.

Soon after, Freedy's condition deteriorated, and within a few days he was put on a ventilator at the hospital.

One image of a text message conversation shared on GoFundMe shows Freedy saying: "Alright well I tried. They are taking me to ICU."

DuPreez said that she and Freedy had decided to wait a year after the vaccine had been released to the public before receiving it themselves in case people experienced serious side effects. She says it is a decision she regrets and that she and her oldest child have now been vaccinated.

"I just wanted to reach out and thank all of you who have helped us. All who have reached out with a friendly word," DuPreez wrote on the GoFundMe. "The love of my life, my rock, my everything. The father to my babies, is no longer with us. I donít know what to do."
Had any of these outlets actually read his GoFundMe page rather than just reword each other's incorrect articles they'd see what appears to be a shocking story of medical malpractice.

Despite getting a "severe sunburn" and experiencing "all [the] symptoms of sun poisoning," Freedy was blown off and denied treatment by not one but TWO separate ER doctors in two separate ER visits, according to his fiancee.

Every story I've read just leaves out the first ER visit entirely and acts as though the second ER visit was the same as the third.

From his fiancee's GoFundMe:
We went to San Diego July 12 & 13. It was to get the kids out of the heat advisory warning that Vegas had, but also because we actually had two days off in a row together. We went to the beach and to Belmont Park and let the kids ride the rides.

But everyone wound up getting sunburned. Mike got it the worst. He skin turned so red it was almost purple, and he got small water blisters all over.

We went to the zoo the next day and came home.

Mike called in the next day, he was just too burned and couldnít really move. Then he called in again. We were putting lotions on him and aloe and he was drinking lots of Gatorade. He was getting chills, couldnít eat, couldnít get comfortable, couldnít sleep. All symptoms of sun poisoning. He goes to the Er and tries to get some help/relief. The doctor pretty much dismissed him. So Mike went to work that night. The next day he wasnít better, so he called in. Then he called in on Sunday. He is showing no signs of getting better, and heís nauseous. Finally he goes to a different Er on Monday and the test him for covid. Heís positive. They send him home, more or less with a pat on the head and tell him to hydrate, isolate and itíll be fine. I had to tell my job that he tested positive, they immediately sent me home and told me HR would be in contact with me to let me know the next steps. I went and got tested, Iím negative.

Mike is absolutely miserable. He is beside himself with how much everything hurts and how scared he is. He winds up waking me up at around 3 am to tell me he canít breathe and is dizzy and when he tries to stand he starts to fall over. I rush him to another Er and they admit him immediately. They tell me I canít stay. His blood oxygen is at 72, they told him they are surprised he was even able to walk and talk. They do scans on him and find he has pneumonia in both of his lungs. Heís placed on the highest level of oxygen their hospital can do.
This is absolute insanity. Freedy should have been put on IV fluids immediately, instead he was blown off by two separate doctors and apparently told he could go back to work!

I can tell you having experienced a less extreme case of sun poisoning firsthand just two years ago that drinking Gatorade and fluids was practically worthless. I too went to an ER with similar symptoms only to have a doctor OK my release without giving me any IV fluids. When I went back after days of getting progressively worse and experiencing heart palpitations along with chills and extreme nausea, the second doctor immediately put me on IV fluids and said in so many words it was crazy I was released without them!

The simple fluid IV for dehydration felt like a life-giving serum and gave me all my energy back and made me feel better than I'd felt in a week. The high wore off by the next day but my "baseline" state was drastically improved and I slowly recovered over the next few weeks. It took about 8 months to a year for my heart palpitations to fully subside before I felt back to 100%. Sun poisoning is absolutely brutal and can be deadly.

I'd bet money that if Freedy was simply swiftly given IV fluids, as he should have been when he went to the ER the first time, he would still be alive today. Frankly, I wonder if he was instead inadvertantly given covid!

When he finally was given treatment during his third ER visit it's worth noting that he didn't actually die until they put him under a medically induced coma and on a ventilator -- which is the constant in every one of these horror stories.

It has been known for over a year now that ventilators appeared to be killing the majority of covid patients who were placed on them, with studies finding death rates anywhere from 50 to 85 percent.

I don't know exactly what happened in these ERs as I'm only operating off the information given by Freedy's fiancee but the story as she tells it is one of serious medical malpractice in which his life very well may have been saved with just a few $1 IV fluid bags!

The real story here appears to be the ongoing third worldization of America and our medical standards collapsing!

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