CDC Delays Emergency Meeting On Post-Vaccine Heart Inflammation to 'Observe Juneteenth'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 18, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is delaying their "emergency meeting" on post-mRNA vaccination heart inflammation that was scheduled for Friday in order to observe the new federal holiday Juneteenth.

From The Epoch Times, "CDC Delays Emergency Meeting on Post-Vaccination Heart Inflammation Due to Juneteenth":
President Joe Biden signed a bill on Thursday making June 19 a new holiday, Juneteenth. Shortly afterwards, the CDC said its June 18 meeting "is being rescheduled due to the observation of the Juneteenth National Independence Day holiday."

A federal office said Thursday that because June 19 falls on a Saturday this year, the observation will take place on Friday.

The meeting, which was deemed an emergency when announced last week, will now be folded into a June 23 to June 25 virtual meeting, the CDC said.
This should give you an idea of how seriously CDC director Rochelle Walensky is taking these cases, that is to say, she literally couldn't care less.

As some 800 reports were pouring in of youths experiencing potentially-deadly heart inflammation, the CDC on June 10 announced they were scheduling an "emergency meeting" for over a week later on June 18.

Earlier this week, a Utah mother spoke out about how her healthy six-foot-nine, 17-year-old athlete son and her husband were both hospitalized with rare blood clots after they took Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA injections.

From The Daily Mail, " 'There's no other explanation': Utah mom blames COVID vaccines after her 17-year-old athlete son and her husband were BOTH hospitalized with rare blood clots after getting Pfizer and Moderna shots":
'There's no other explanation for what happened to my son and my husband, we are pretty certain that it was a direct result of the vaccine,' Cherie Romney said in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday.

Romney's son Everest, a healthy six-foot-nine high school basketball player, got his first Pfizer shot on April 21 and began experiencing severe symptoms less than 24 hours later, and her husband Preston suffered clots after getting a Moderna shot, she has said.

[...] Romney said that Everest began to develop swelling in his neck later that night, and that five days later he was unable to move his head or neck.

'I took him to the pediatrician and the pediatrician said it has nothing to do with the shot, it really doesn't, I think it is a pulled neck muscle,' she said.

Eight days later, Everest was in the pediatric ICU with two blood clots in his brain and one in his neck, Romney said.

[...] Romney says that her husband Preston was hospitalized 'with over 100 blood clots in his lungs' the weekend after her son was discharged from the hospital in May.

She has said that her husband had to have a quarter of his lungs removed to treat the clots. He has also since been released and is in stable condition.

Multiple cases like these are happening every day.

From Children's Health Defense, "Exclusive: Dad Says Life 'Not the Same' for 21-Year-Old Student Who Developed Myocarditis After Second Moderna Shot":
A 21-year-old New Jersey student suffered severe heart inflammation after receiving his second dose of Moderna's COVID vaccine. Justin Harrington, whose school required him to get the vaccine in order to attend classes in the fall, experienced flu-like symptoms followed by heart pain within eight to 12 hours of receiving the vaccine.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Justin's father, Timothy Harrington, said his son felt different after the second shot. "Every time his heart beat it hurt and he felt pressure," Harrington said. "Then he developed heart pain down both arms."

Harrington said his son, who has no underlying medical conditions, did not experience heart pain with his first dose of the vaccine.

On May 24, two days after Justin received the second shot, his father took him to the emergency room at Morristown Memorial Hospital because the symptoms had worsened.

"The physicians weren't connecting it to the vaccine until I informed the doctors my son just got the vaccine, and shared with them the information I had found on myocarditis," Harrington said. "I didn't think the doctors were stupid, but physicians sometimes see with blinders on."

Physicians checked Justin's blood levels, which showed high protein numbers. Abnormal scans, including an EKG, led to a diagnosis of myocarditis. Justin was hospitalized for three days while doctors attempted to get the condition under control.

Harrington said even though his son has been released, he still has chest pain and his life is not the same.

"He has to wear a heart monitor and take four different medications for six months," Harrington said. "He has to sleep propped up, can't exert himself and he's missing out on one of the most important times of his life."
The CDC admitted earlier this week the mRNA shots link to heart inflammation is stronger than previously thought but apparently observing Juneteenth is more important than saving lives!

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