'Unity And Healing' Kicks Off With Mass Arrests And Big Tech Purging Of Dissidents

Chris Menahan
Jan. 10, 2021

Is this what a "peaceful transition of power" looks like?

(Eliot Cohen was an architect of the Iraq war at the Project For A New American Century.)

Adam Johnson has a wife and five kids. He didn't actually steal the podium, he just clowned around a bit for a laugh and placed it in another room.

It turns out the feds can arrest "rioters" really quick if they actually want to!

Twitter is just banning everyone:

It goes on like that forever.

Remember how we were told Trump was the "threat to democracy?"

It's finally hitting the controlled media that the "battle against white supremacy" is just a reboot of the "war on terror."

As I reported in Aug 2019, Foreign Policy even revived the WMD hoax by claiming "white supremacists" were "dangerously close" to acquiring "a nuclear weapon."

The report was total BS and confused dirty bombs with nuclear weapons -- which are millions of times more powerful. FP didn't retract the article and instead stealth-edited it after they seeded the narrative.

We're entering into very dark times.

We've been living in "post-America" for quite some time but now our ruling class are going balls to the wall trying to crush all dissent.

Ever since Trump's election, they've just been doubling down and doubling down.

I don't think it is going to work out as they expect.

The Bolsheviks who conquered Russia were a lot tougher than the Bolsheviks trying to conquer America.

Communism at the time was a compelling ideology which people were willing to die for. How many people are willing to die to advance woke capitalism?

I think the mass bannings could actually be a positive development if it gets people off of Facebook and YouTube and onto Gab and BitChute.

Imagine everyone switching to social media sites rigged to favor the right.

Both sites are overflowing with redpilled content and largely uncensored comment sections destroying sacred cows.

From what I've seen, pushing people onto alt-tech sites just makes them get "woker" than ever and censoring everyone just makes them more open to dissident ideas.

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