New Videos Show Police Opened Capitol Building For Protesters: 'I Disagree With It But I Respect You...'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 08, 2021

What the media is falsely reporting was an "insurrection" was actually a mostly peaceful protest where American citizens were allowed into the Capitol by police who said they "respect" their right to protest, new videos make clear.

You can see in this video that police opened the door for protesters and one cop told them, "I disagree with it but I respect you [ineligible]," presumably saying that he disagrees with their beliefs but respects their right to protest.

Here's another video showing police just let everyone in:

Here's another video showing a cop waving people in:

As you can see, leftists are acting like this was some sort of police conspiracy.

In reality, this is was just par for the course.

Police also stood down when protesters stormed the Capitol building in Wisconsin:

It's not out of the ordinary for police to let protesters into various Capitols -- what is out of the ordinary is for police to execute them in cold blood as we saw with Ashli Babbitt.

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