Dems Start Panicking, Yuan Tanks, Betting Markets Flip For Trump - But Still Anyone's Game!

Chris Menahan
Nov. 03, 2020

This election is going to be a wild ride.

It started with Democrats melting down but then Fox News called Arizona for Biden with only 73 percent of the vote in and most Election Day results (favoring GOP) not even counted -- only to "debate" retracting the call hours later!

Tucker Carlson called out his own network!

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Cenk is melting down!

The chat on TYT is all MAGApedes!

Are we going to pull this one off, brothers???

Maria Elvira Salazar defeated the evil Donna Shalala!

Thank you, White people!

UPDATE: Some bad news:

UPDATE II: Lots of criticism from all sides on Fox News' early AZ call.

[ED = Election Day.]

Fox News is reportedly debating retracting their early call of Arizona:

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