Leftist Steals Cross From Patriots Honoring Murdered Trump Supporter, Attempts to Urinate On It

Chris Menahan
Oct. 05, 2020

A rabid leftist in Portland on Sunday evening was filmed stealing a cross from the close friend of murdered Trump supporter Aaron "Jay" Danielson and then stomping on it and trying to urinate on it and set it on fire.

The Antifa mob around him were heard cheering the desecration.

Chandler Pappas, the close friend of Danielson who was right by his side the night he was murdered by an antifa terrorist in Portland, can be seen demanding the leftist criminal give him his property back.

An Antifa mob surrounded him and stopped him to ensure the vile desecration took place.

The mob chased Pappas down and peppersprayed him while spewing vile hate:

Pappas said Sunday night he was "genuinely surprised" they didn't stab him.

These are the forces the Democratic Party is empowering.

They can riot, loot and murder with the full support of Soros-funded District Attorneys and the only people who will be prosecuted are folks like Jake Gardner who dare to defend themselves from the mob.

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