Rochester Mayor Enlists Church Elders To Serve As Human Shields For Black Lives Matter 'Protesters'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 07, 2020

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren apparently saw the videos of Black Lives Matter mobs attacking diners at a local restaurant on Friday and rioting in the streets and figured the proper response is to give the rioters human shields to protect them from police.

"Our elders will stand as the buffer between the protesters and our police department," Warren said Sunday after a "community meeting" between "protesters" and police.

That's precisely what they did:

"White shields" were told to go to the front.

I'm assuming these "Church elders" are a lot like the "Portland Moms."

The rioters were filmed training with crowdfunded riot gear to take on the police:

They mob went on to attack a reporter and his security guard after accusing them of being undercover cops.

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