Wisco, Day 2: BLM Rioters Knock Out Businessman Trying to Stop Looters, Set Fire to Apartments With 'Families Trapped' Inside & More

Chris Menahan
Aug. 25, 2020

Black Lives Matter rioters were filmed attacking a business owner trying to save his business from looters, setting fires to apartments a woman claimed had "families trapped" inside, smashing cars and more on the second day of riots in Wisconsin seeking to avenge police shooting a violent felon wanted for domestic abuse and third-degree sexual assault.

The riots on Monday night occurred as new footage from a second angle was released showing wanted felon Jacob Blake brawled with cops before being shot.

Rioters were filmed knocking out a business owner seen trying to defend his property with a fire extinguisher:

They also pulled guns on reporters:

Cars were smashed with baseball bats and tons of businesses were looted and set ablaze:

A woman said families were "trapped" in apartments that were set on fire by rioters.

It took nearly two months for a dead body to be found torched after the riots in Minneapolis so it will probably take a while to learn if any families were burned alive.

A BLM activist was filmed screaming at an armed guard for not letting rioters loot a gas station:

Other rioters told a man burning down private businesses because they're angry with police is fine because tax leeches like themselves "paid for that."

Here's a snapshot of some of the devastation the media will refuse to cover:

"Justice for Jacob Blake" means wanted felons accused of sex crimes and domestic abuse must be free to assault police with impunity!

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