YouTube Bans Roosh, Press For Truth, Martin Sellner & More As Purge Continues

Chris Menahan
Jul. 16, 2020

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is systematically purging every popular right-wing channel on the entire site in advance of the 2020 election.

YouTube banned over 90 channels and over 10,000 videos according to altCensored, a website which backs up YouTube channels and videos deleted for their political speech.

Other popular channels banned include the Bastiat Report, TheCrowHouse and Daily Kenn.

It's hard to believe this is even legal.

As a reminder, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during sworn testimony before congress that he leads the company "without political bias" and "to do otherwise would go against our core principles and our business interests."

"It's not possible for individual employees to manipulate our search results," Pichai claimed while under oath. "We don't manually intervene on any particular search. Providing users with access to high-quality information is sacrosanct."

Roger Stone was prosecuted for "lying" under oath to congress for much less.

As I reported last year, YouTube appears to be following a policy paper from "researchers" led by professor Neil Johnson of George Washington University which called for a slow but steady stream of mass bannings of right-wing dissidents on social media to avoid "inflaming the entire hive" by generating too much pushback.

The paper recommended tech giants ban "small clusters" of dissidents "at random" to "weaken the cluster over time without inflaming the entire hive."

The number of popular YouTubers they've banned is absolutely remarkable.

Popular "conservatives" stopped speaking out about the censorship pretty much after Alex Jones was banned.

They're too cowardly to actually stand for any of the Free Speech principles they claim to believe in and many no doubt enjoy seeing their critics/competition purged.

Alt-Media was exploding in 2015 and 2016 when there was an even playing field but now Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Twitter are just banning everyone and rigging all their algorithms to strangle everyone to death.

I don't think it's actually going to work as tons of alternatives have popped up over the past years which didn't even exist in 2016.

If people want to find dissident content they can find it on BitChute,, altCensored, Gab, DLive, LBRY, Telegram, 4Chan, Voat, Minds and so on.

Though they're all facing tough opposition, never forget that even The Pirate Bay is still online after all these years!

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