Trump: Police Kill More White People Than Black People

Chris Menahan
Jul. 15, 2020

President Donald Trump countered the media's phony victimization narrative in an interview with CBS News by pointing out that more white people are killed every year by police than black people.

CBS's Catherine Herridge on Tuesday asked Trump the ridiculous question: "Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?"

Trump responded saying: "And so are white people. So are white people. What a terrible question to ask. So are white people. More white people, by the way. More white people."

Around twice as many white people are shot and killed by police every year but studies have found the national media is hyper-focused on covering police shootings where the cop is white and the suspect is black.

"Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?" sounds like something a 3-year-old would ask.

You'd think the media would be embarrassed that a senior reporter would ask something so stupid but instead they're just rolling with it.

Reuters suggested there's no evidence more whites are killed by police than blacks (be sure to note their capitalization of "Black" and not "white").

The media also suddenly discovered per capita:

On the George Floyd front, transcripts released by the attorney of one of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in Floyd's death showed he told officers "I can't breathe" before he was even restrained and told police he was recovering from the coronavirus and wanted to lay on the ground, according to Fox 9.

Floyd's autopsy showed he had potentially deadly levels of fentanyl in his system (the deadliest drug in America) along with meth and other drugs, so it's entirely possible he just died from a drug-induced heart attack (the official cause of death was "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression").

The national media couldn't care less about reporting any of this, all they care about is pushing their phony victimization narratives.

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