Matthew McConaughey: 'White People' Need to Ask How They Can 'Do Better'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 11, 2020

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey shifted from lecturing Americans on how they need to wear masks to lecturing "white people" on how they need to apologize for their white privilege in the span of just three weeks.

From SheKnows on Yahoo News, "Matthew McConaughey Asks the Only Question White People Should Be Asking Right Now":
McConaughey sat down with former NFL star Emmanuel Acho for a candid Instagram Live conversation about racism and race, kicked off by the True Detective actor explaining his motivations for coming on the show.

"[I came on] to have a conversation, hopefully promote more conversation," McConaughey explained. "With the end goal being that we take the time we are now in to constructively turn the page in history through some righteous and justifiable change."

Then, the actor got to the heart of the issue for white people as a whole: "Someone like me, how can I do better as a human? How can I do better as a man? How can I do better as a white man?"

Acho's advice sounds simple -- but fair warning, white people: all our training, all our lives, will make this type of work difficult and uncomfortable in practice.

"You have to acknowledge that there's a problem so that you can take more ownership for the problem," Acho told McConaughey. "Individually, you have to acknowledge implicit bias, you have to acknowledge that you'll see a black man and for whatever reason, you will view them as more of a threat than the white man. Probably because society told you to."
Yeah, "society."

It's hard for white people to hear that we can't necessarily trust our own perceptions -- but historically, we've pushed off that discomfort by turning around and accusing Black people of perceiving things incorrectly themselves.
Don't trust your lying eyes!
McConaughey addresses another common form of pushback from those who believe that racial injustice is overstated: the idea that, if you've struggled as a white person, you can't possibly have white privilege.

"Whites and blacks can all have it hard, but whites never had it harder because the color of their skin. I may realize that, but I never looked at that side of the coin," McConaughey admitted. "Where we were raised and how we were raised, and our history growing up, there's certain just imported, obvious ways that we are prejudiced that we don't even understand."
Though McConaughey has been lecturing us all on the coronavirus, you can tell he never applied to medical school!

It's always fun being lectured about your "privilege" by Hollywood millionaires who got rich working in service of people like Harvey Weinstein.

Other D-list celebrities on Thursday also joined in on the "check your privilege" lecture circuit with some cringe propaganda of their own:

Under our liberal world order, Hollywood celebrities and NFL players are the victims of poor, rural white folks (including middle schoolers) who oppress them by not sharing their liberal sensibilities and getting on their knees and grovelling.

Globalist bankers getting trillions in bailout money and Big Tech giants making trillions after pushing for small businesses to be shutdown are not our oppressors but our liberators and allies in the fight against "white supremacy" and "racism"!

Under the left's new "progressive stack," the richest man in the world can be "oppressed" and speak truth to power by lecturing random "racists" and supporting BLM!

We all need to "do better" and get down on our knees (much like the servants of Hollywood did to get their jobs) and worship felons like George Floyd with his golden casket and angel wings as our new gods!

It doesn't matter that Floyd robbed a woman and shoved a gun into her stomach, it doesn't matter that he was a dead beat dad, a porn star, a drug addict who had enough fentanyl in his blood to kill him without any help and was arrested for using counterfeit money, what matters is a white police officer allegedly killed him and that's the fault of all white people everywhere for all eternity!

Get down on your knees, America!

You might not think you're a "racist" but they're changing the definition of racism to make sure that you are!

Do better!

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