NYT: Withdraw From Your Family Unless They Support Black Lives Matter

Chris Menahan
Jun. 08, 2020

The New York Times ran a column over the weekend calling on so-called "white allies" to withdraw from their loved ones and relatives if they're not supporting Black Lives Matter organizations through "protest" or "financial contributions."

In a column by Chad Sanders titled, "I Don't Need 'Love' Texts From My White Friends," Sanders claimed he lives "constantly" with "the fear of death" as he could be killed at any time by racist white police and lamented how white liberals keep reaching out to him to show they care.

Sanders wrote:
As a black man, what I actually feel -- constantly -- is the fear of death; the fear that when I go for my morning stroll through Central Park or to 7-Eleven for an AriZona Iced Tea, I won't make it back home. I fear I won't get to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary; I won't get to add money to my nephew's brokerage account on his third birthday; I won't get to take my partner out dancing in her favorite Bed-Stuy bars.

[...] When you text me and tell me you're "just thinking of me" because this fear is momentarily evident to you after seeing the atrocities depicted on CNN, you create work for me. You invite me to coddle you and respond to you and tell you that it's not your fault and that you are special. That attacks my dignity. That dehumanizes me.
Sanders said white allies should start giving cash payments to black politicians and anti-racism groups, send texts to their "relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions" and start using themselves as human shields for black protesters.

Sanders wrote that white allies must start offering:
Money: To funds that pay legal fees for black people who are unjustly arrested, imprisoned or killed or to black politicians running for office.

Texts: To your relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions.

Protection: To fellow black protesters who are at greater risk of harm during demonstrations.
As Tucker Carlson said on his show last week, modern leftism is a cult which demands followers isolate themselves from their loved ones and submit to complete and total humiliation.

Polls have shown that white liberals are the only group of people who despise their own in-group/race, so it wouldn't shock me if they're taking Sanders' advice to heart.

White liberals seem to get off on ritual humiliation.

This is what happens when people are subject to decades of demoralization propaganda from a hostile media as soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov laid out decades ago (it's so much worse now).

Despite these humiliating scenes, there's not much evidence it's actually working on anyone outside of mentally ill leftists.

Candace Owens' viral rant from last week exposing the whole George Floyd hoax narrative has over 81 million views on Facebook and nearly 5 million views on YouTube.

In contrast, the only recent video I could find of Chad Sanders on YouTube has 170 views.

An NPR-Marist poll released late last week showed 56% of Americans believe that the police are behaving appropriately or not being aggressive enough with ongoing protests and another poll released earlier in the week found 71 percent of American voters said they support using the National Guard to supplement city police forces in addressing "protests and demonstrations" in cities across the country.

There's very little demand among normal people for the propaganda the media is pushing and that's why they have to aggressively shove it down our throats and censor and silence everyone who exposes their bull***t narratives.

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