Tanker Truck Driver Attacked By Mob After Stopping to Avoid Running Anyone Over On I-35W

Chris Menahan
May. 31, 2020

A tanker truck driver may have become the next Reginald Denny on Sunday after stopping for an irate mob blocking traffic on the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis.

Video shows the driver honking their horn and pulling up quickly as the mob fanned out but stopping to avoid someone who didn't move.

The mob swarmed the driver and started attacking the person and their truck.

The media is remarkably describing the irate mob as "peaceful protesters" and acting like they're the victims even though the driver was hospitalized and none of the rioters were injured (one apparently "lost her gun").

Second video:

The driver was eventually rescued by police and taken to a hospital, though his condition is unclear:

You can see the mob attacking the person's tanker truck and calling for blood in these videos:

The mob escaped unharmed:

CrimeWatchMpls reported that the "35W was not closed at the time of the incident as it was supposed to be."

Just as with the Minneapolis Pawn Shop owner who got arrested for shooting a looter, the victim in this case was also arrested.

Police came under attack from the "peaceful protesters" just minutes later.

One protester apparently also "lost her gun" on the bridge:

I wonder if they'll bring the driver up on additional charges for potentially contributing to the protester losing her gun?

UPDATE: The driver was apparently already on the freeway for a long time before suddenly coming upon this huge crowd blocking the road.

UPDATE II: The driver was released from the hospital and placed under arrest:

This is pure anarcho-tyranny.

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