Trump's Iran Escalation Lets Bernie Sanders Position Himself As The Anti-War Candidate For 2020

Chris Menahan
Jan. 13, 2020

President Trump's campaign is now recycling old Bush memes from 2004 to attack his opponents as terrorist sympathizers for advocating the same policies he himself ran on in 2016.

Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said in a tweet last week: "Crazy Bernie says taking out Soleimani set a bad 'precedent' & called it 'assassination' just like Iran (and Russia). Soleimani was a notorious terror chief who killed hundreds of Americans! You can't trust Bernie to protect this country."

You're either with Trump 2020 or you're with the terrorists™!

Parscale said in another tweet: "Bernie Sanders cannot be trusted to protect American lives. Sanders opposed taking Iranian terrorist Soleimani off the battlefield, even though he was responsible for killing Americans and plotting more attacks. President Trump will always act to keep America safe!"

Really solid stuff, Mr. Parscale.

"This is the dumbest possible line, especially because Trump was the de-facto antiwar candidate in 2016," said conservative author James Kirkpatrick. "These idiots are going to blow it if Bernie gets the nomination. And of course, since they've allowed so many of their defenders to be deplatformed, no one can push back."

"Bold strategy that the Trump campaign has adopted, recycling 2004 memes about 'fighting terrorism in the Middle East' that Trump himself campaigned against in 2016," he said in a follow-up tweet.

Parscale thinks we're supposed to swell with patriotism because Trump assassinated Soleimani to supposedly avenge the killing of an Iraqi migrant working as a military contractor in Iraq who was given U.S. citizenship in 2017.

The idea Soleimani killed over 600 US troops is just old propaganda from Dick Cheney to try and justify war with Iran.

Two soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on Saturday by an IED with the Taliban taking credit, yet no one is talking about avenging their deaths (the US is actually scheduled to pull more troops out of Afghanistan, presumably so they can be moved elsewhere to further encircle Iran).

Parscale hasn't tweeted a word about their deaths, nor the suffering of their families.

I said from the beginning that I think Bernie Sanders has the best odds to win the Democratic primaries because he's the most similar candidate to 2015-2016 Trump. He's the only one running who comes across as somewhat authentic. I don't know if he can beat Trump but he stands a very solid chance if Trump continues running as Bush 2.0.

Sander's senior advisor and speechwriter David Sirota is out making headlines by bashing Biden right for voting for the war with Iraq:

Bernie meanwhile is acting like he was against the war in Iraq and playing the part of Mr. Antiwar.

Of course, in reality Bolshevik Bernie pretty much never saw a war he didn't like.

As WSWS reports:
Sanders’ record demonstrates what he considers “necessary wars.” It includes the 1993 US intervention in the Somalian civil war, in which the US deployed death squads from the Army Rangers, Delta Force and other special forces units to the impoverished but strategically located African nation to decapitate factions opposed to the establishment of a US puppet regime. It also includes the NATO air war against Serbia in 1999, launched on the pretext of stopping the imminent ethnic cleansing of Kosovars.

In 2001, Sanders joined in a near-unanimous vote in favor of the invasion of Afghanistan. Today—now that the nearly twenty-year-long war is widely unpopular—Sanders conveniently declares that his earlier vote was a “mistake.” But he has continued to endorse US wars in the Middle East, including the US proxy war in Syria.

Sanders has also supported Israel’s repeated assaults on Gaza, imperialist war crimes made possible with the support of the United States. In a 2014 town hall meeting, Sanders shouted down an antiwar protester who challenged his support for Israel even as it was committing egregious crimes against the Palestinian population.

Moreover, Sanders has publicly voiced support for the use of assassinations and “extraordinary rendition” in the so-called “war on terror.” In 2015, when asked whether anti-terrorism policies under a Sanders administration would include drones and special forces, Sanders replied that he supported “all that and more.” In his interview with NPR, Sanders evaded answering when asked whether he would leave special operations forces in Iraq after withdrawing ground troops.

Where Sanders has voted against military conflict, as in his vote against the Iraq War in 2002, he did so along with the majority of congressional Democrats. But this did not stop Sanders from voting repeatedly for massive military spending bills in the years after the invasion of Iraq. Sanders repeatedly describes the Iraq War as a “disaster” or a foreign policy debacle—but never as a crime, whose architects should be prosecuted.
Regardless, Trump can't attack Bernie for his past warmongering the same way he attacked Hillary Clinton for her warmongering because he's doing tons of warmongering of his own. He has been amassing troops around Iran and still hasn't pulled out of Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria.

Bernie Sanders has been surging in the polls.

Meanwhile, Trump's strike on Soleimani is not polling well.

Remember, Bush's neocon wars gave us Obama. Obama's radical leftism gave us Trump. Will Trump's failure to close our border, fight Big Tech censorship and end our endless wars give us Bolshevik Bernie?

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