VIDEO: Leftist Mob Invades Catholic Church, Attacks Priest

Chris Menahan
Nov. 21, 2019

Video out of Nicaragua on Monday reportedly shows a communist mob invading a Catholic church and violently attacking a priest.

From The Havana Times, "Ortega Supporters Desecrate Managua Cathedral and Beat a Priest":
Paramilitaries and shock forces of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega desecrated and seized the Metropolitan Cathedral of Managua on Monday night. They beat a priest and a nun, denounced the Archdioceses of Managua, led by Cardenal Leopoldo Brenes, in a statement.

The shock forces of Daniel Ortega with the complicity of the Police, kept seven mothers of political prisoners locked in a Cathedral hall last night. They had declared a hunger strike early on Monday demanding the release of their children before Christmas and demonstrating solidarity for nine other mothers, also on hunger strike, in the Saint Michael Church in Masaya, surrounded by riot police. Those mothers and the people accompanying them are without electricity, without water and without medicines with father Edwin Roman.

“This afternoon violent groups related to the Government have entered and taken control of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Managua. When they were scolded by priest Rodolfo Lopez and sister Arelys Guzman, the invaders responded violently by beating the priest and the nun,” stated the Archdioceses in a statement released on Monday night.

“On Monday evening, people from this same group broke the belfry locks and other locks of the temple desecrating in this way our Metropolitan Cathedral,” the Church said in a statement.

“We condemn these acts of desecration, besiegement and intimidation that do not contribute to the peace and stability of the country,” the Church emphasized.

The Vicar of the Archdioceses of Managua, Monsignor Carlos Aviles, confirmed in an interview with CNN that the attacks on the church in Nicaragua are the results of the “permanent political campaign” maintained by the Ortega regime to “manipulate religious symbols, readings from God’s words, religious messages for a political interest and purpose.”
A similar event occurred earlier this month in Chile.

From LifeSite, "Chile’s bishops plead for calm after leftists pillage historic Catholic church":
The bishops of Chile deplored the sacking and burning of an historic church in the country’s capital city by masked rioters, who also profaned the tabernacle, destroyed religious statues, and smeared graffiti on interior walls.

“We are in solidarity with apostolic administrator Msgr. Celestino Aós and all of the faithful of the Archdiocese of Santiago following the sacking and profanation of Assumption of Mary parish. Likewise with the communities and pastors of other churches and places of worship of various faiths who were attacked in various cities,” read a communique from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Chile. This followed the pillaging of the church on Friday by masked marauders who broke into the church and caused serious damage.

On Friday, a group of masked protesters dressed in black and resembling “antifa” anarchists in the United States broke into the Assumption of Mary parish church, stealing pews, confessionals, and religious statues to form barricades in their resistance to police. Much of the religious statuary was smashed and painted over with anti-Catholic graffiti. The historic church dates to 1876. Some of the church goods were used to build a bonfire in nearby Plaza Italia. Also, the headquarters of a private university located near the church was destroyed by arsonists.

Amateur video recorded the vandals removing a statue of the Virgin Mary, along with other sacred objects, from the church. The tabernacle was damaged and smeared with the word “rapists.” Photos taken at the scene showed that the door of the tabernacle was left open. Also, the words “burn the church” were spray-painted nearby on an interior wall. The crucifix was hauled out of the church, broken, and put on display in the street.
Another church was set on fire by a leftist mob in Mexico in September.

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