'Block That B*tch': Unhinged Leftist Mob Tries to Stop Ann Coulter Speech at UC Berkeley, Fails

Chris Menahan
Nov. 21, 2019

Best-selling conservative author Ann Coulter was protested by an unhinged leftist mob Wednesday night at UC Berkeley.

The mob was filmed screaming various epithets at the top of their lungs at Coulter, Berkeley cops and speech attendees.

The mob managed to block multiple attendees from getting into the event:

A young woman was not only blocked by the mob but had her ticket stolen:

Ann Coulter waltzed right into the event with a full police escort:

If you look closely, you can she Coulter was beaming from ear to ear!

Coulter made light of the protests at the start of her speech, reportedly saying: "Another warm welcome at Berkeley!"

Some unhinged leftoid interrupted Coulter's speech only to get swiftly arrested. The empowered feminist immediately started crying after police put their hands on her.

Ann Coulter's event two years ago reportedly cost UC Berkeley $800,000 for security but it was canceled at the last minute by the Young America's Foundation due to security concerns. YAF won a lawsuit against Berkeley last year forcing them to abolish their heckler's veto.

Wednesday night's event was put on by the Berkeley College Republicans.

Here's more of the idiot mob:

Leftoids are also working to kill the Joker meme:

UC Berkeley police announced Wednesday night that "multiple masked protesters" were arrested.

Keep up the great work, Ann!

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