Tucker Carlson Mocks Charlie Kirk's Plan to 'Staple Green Cards' to Foreign Students' Diplomas

Chris Menahan
Nov. 11, 2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appears to be following the Groyper War intently and he's on the side of America First.

Carlson appeared to take a veiled dig at Kirk while highlighting the insanity of H-1B and F-1B visas being used by major corporations to insource cheap foreign workers and put Americans in the poorhouse.

Kirk pushed the "staple a green card to diplomas" meme last month at the start of the Groyper War.

As The Columbia Bugle highlighted, Kirk's radical "Donor First" plan has been pushed pushed by Hillary Clinton and other establishment shills:

Michelle Malkin mocked Kirk's plan as "stupid and suicidal" in an article last month for American Greatness.

The battle lines are being drawn.

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