Groyper War Hits The MSM After TPUSA's Don Jr Event Goes Off The Rails

Chris Menahan
Nov. 11, 2019

The Groyper Army, which is a group of America First young conservatives who are working to take down and expose the crooked GOP establishment simply by asking them hard questions, finally hit the mainstream in the past 24 hours after a Turning Point USA event with Donald Trump Jr on Sunday was derailed over a canceled Q&A.

You can watch the full event here:

The day started with TPUSA announcing they canceled their planned Q&A:

During Don Jr's talk, where he talked about his book "Triggered" and discussed Jussie Smollett and other old news, the crowd eventually got restless and started chanting, "Q&A! Q&A! Q&A!"

Despite the event being advertised as only Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump Jr, Don Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle for some reason tagged along and had an epic meltdown:

She managed to get a grumpy groyper made in her honor:

The event was canceled early to loud boos and chants of "America First! America First!"

America First conservative Vincent James of The Red Elephants reportedly told Don Jr directly the protest was not about him but about Kirk, TPUSA and Conservatism Inc selling out their base on immigration:

Nick Fuentes, whose fans started this whole grassroots rebellion by asking tough questions of Charlie Kirk, shared a similar message on Twitter:

Fuentes also reacted to the event streaming live on DLive:

On Monday, the story got picked up by the MSM with the Washington Post doing a relatively evenhanded article:

The Guardian also had a relatively unbiased report:

On the flip side, The Daily Mail ran an embarrassing smear piece which read like it was straight from TPUSA that slandered everyone involved as "holocaust deniers" and "white nationalists":

Fuentes responded to attacks from Conservatism Inc on Monday and laid out the America First agenda he and and other young America First conservatives are fighting for:

The grift right threw a fit on Twitter (click through to see the whole cast of characters):

Fuentes shared this retweet:

The Groyper Army marches on!

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