Tim Pool: 'Carlos Maza of Vox Has Called For The Physical Assault of People in Order to Humiliate Them'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 02, 2019

Vox's Carlos Maza, who is actively lobbying YouTube to ban Steven Crowder for making fun of him, "has called for the physical assault of people in order to humiliate them," journalist Tim Pool noted Saturday on Twitter.

Maza was cheering a New Republic article titled, "Why Milkshaking Works," which praised political violence as a tool to suppress the "far-right" (Nigel Farage went on to dominate the EU elections with his six-week old Brexit Party shortly after it was written).

The article praised antifa's use of political terrorism to shut down free speech, which was the part Maza quoted with such glee:
Getting doused in a milkshake robs far-right figures of the air of chauvinistic invulnerability that they spend so much time cultivating. They hunger to be taken seriously despite their racist views. They want to be described as dapper, to be interviewed on evening news broadcasts and weekend talk-show panels, and to be seen as a legitimate participant in the democratic process. Most politicians to the left of Enoch Powell would brush off milkshaking as a harmless stunt. For those seeking mainstream legitimacy, itís another searing reminder that they donít belong.

[...] These predictions have not borne fruit. While there are multiple factors behind the decline in white-nationalist rallies and marches, their fear of public clashes with Antifa appears to be one of them. The Unite the Right sequel rally last August drew fewer than two dozen people to a public square in Washington, D.C. They were faced with thousands of local counter-protesters, as well as a few dozen masked members of Antifa. The effect was intimidating and profound.
Replace the "far-right" with journalists or some other protected group and you'd be facing hate crime/terroristic intimidation charges.

Crowder responded to Vox's censorship push in a video of his own on Friday:

"This is corporate censorship," Crowder said, "and this is yet another giant company trying to lean on this channel -- your channel -- and the content that you've created and this is a war."

"I want to make sure that everyone understands we will fight to the absolute bitter end both legally and publicly."

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